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In any case your brother printer of any model has suddenly stopped working than it will probably be displaying an error message. It is time to call Brother Printer Tech Support Number for immediate help as do it through online remote access. The error message that displays as per the error occurrence it helps you to troubleshoot your machines fault and restore the machine working. We have put all our efforts to correct the occurred error that has come up with the message on the screen or any technical fault such as paper jam, ink failure, or any other bug.

Steps To Fix online Brother Printer Error Codes Messages

Following are the Brother Printer Error Codes:

Error: E50 Malfunction of fuser unit. The printer has detected that is problem with temperature too hot or not heating up enough

Solution: Give a relax timing of 10minutes to the machine and it may recover. Or else consider Fuser unit replacement

Error: E51 Malfunction of Laser unit. The code means laser beam is not being detected.

Solution: Restart the printer. If still the error persists then the laser safety flap may be defective or need replacement

Error: E52 Malfunction of laser motor. Within laser unit is spinning motor that drives it is faulty

Solution: Restart the printer, if error persists then laser unit need replacement

Error: E54 Malfunction of main motor. The main motor drives main gear train, which in turn drives all printing functions and device has detected problem.

Solution: Switch off the printer and start again. If error persists try turning on printer without toner unit in it and look if motor turns on now.

Error: E60 Malfunction of fan. Out of four cooling fan fault has been detected in one of them.

Solution: Restart the device and error still exist consults the technician to determine fan is faulty and replace it.

Error: Replace PF Kit, means that paper picks up rollers and separation pads have reached end of their expected life cycle.

Solution: When the paper feed kit needs replacing printer may start to experience paper jams.

Error: Replace Fuser Unit, meaning fuser unit need reached end of life of its expected life cycle

Solution: When fuser unit becomes worn it can cause poor quality print and paper jam. Need engineer to replacing fuser unit

Error: Replace Laser Unit, means laser unit has reached to end of its expected life cycle

Solution: Laser unit has worn it and cause deterioration in print quality.

Error: Clean drum unit, means printer has detected dust or loose toner around the drum unit

Solution: Remove toner unit and clean off dust or toner from unit.

Error Code: 20, 21, 22, 23 Laser Diode Failure

Solution: Switch the machine off and back again. If the error code persists consider the laser unit for replacement.

Error Code: 31 Density sensor failure, the print density is checked by a sensor looking at samples of toner placed on the belt.

Solution: Restart the machine. If still error persists you need trained engineer to determine if the sensor or belt is faulty.

Error Code: 32 Density sensor shutter failure.

Solution: The density sensor has a protective shutter to keep dust and loose toner off it. This can become defective and an engineer will be required to correct this.

Error Code: 50 Replace Drum Unit: The drum unit has printed the amount of pages specified for its life cycle.

Solution: The drum unit needs replacing and the drum life counter resetting.

Error Code: 51 Replace MP tray feed kit, the feed roller and retard pad has reached the end of their life cycle.

Solution: You may have experienced some paper feed problems from the MP tray. This is because the feed roller kit needs replacing and the counter needs resetting.

Error Code: 52 Replace Tray 1 Feed Kit

Solution: Worn rollers can cause feed problems and paper jams. The tray 1 paper feed kit needs replacing and the counter resetting.

Error: 54 replace the fuser unit as it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Solution: Worn fuser units can cause poor quality print paper jams. The fuser unit needs replacing and the counter resetting.

Error Code: 55 Replace laser unit as it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Solution: Worn laser units can cause poor quality print. The laser unit needs replacing and the counter resetting.

Error Code: 57 Paper Jam in the Duplex Unit

Solution: Check for paper in the duplex unit and remove.

Error Code: 5E Replace the belt unit as the transfer belt has reached the end of its life cycle.

Solution: Worn transfer belts can cause poor quality print and paper jams. The belt should be replaced end the counter reset.

Error Code: 68, 69, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E, 6F Fuser Unit Failure, these codes all apply to the fuser unit. Too hot, not hot enough, not heating up at all.

Solution Switch the printer off and back on again. If the error still persists, the fuser unit will need replacing.

Error Code: 7D Dirt on the Drum Unit.

Solution: Follow the drum area cleaning section in the user guide. If the error remains then you will need an engineer to do more in-depth cleaning.

Error Code: CF Waste Toner Box full, while printing the machine generates a quantity of waste toner. This is collected in a container which is now full.

Solution: Follow the waste toner box replacement section in the user guide. If it is still indicating that the new box is full, the waste toner sensor may be faulty.

Error Code: not able to print 4f, electrical problem of print head

Solution: look for foreign objects, move print head and check underneath, defective aort can be cartridge or main board

Error: Unable to print 36 error message on the device

Solution: Lift from where the connection cable is, clear the strip on carriage, print cartridge is inserted properly, verify carriage has not stopped moving across the paper and also no scraps has caught on either side of assembly.

Error: 0x803C010B while troubleshooting printer on windows PC

Solution: you need to follow some steps or try restarting the machine

Error: unable 71 error on Brother MFC 8480/8890/ and DCP 8080/8085

Solution: Try troubleshooting the machine for laser/scanner unit motor

Error: Inkjet Machine Error 30, 33, 34 or 35

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