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Ways To Fix The Brother Printer Spooler Service Malfunctioning Issue

A Brother print spooler is a piece of software which helps users to manage all types of print jobs of a printer. In a wide number of cases, a corrupted file or a printing job is an absolute sign of printer spooler malfunctioning issue. Users according to Brother Printer Spooler Support experts should be well aware of the spooler functionality; else the printer spooler can lead to huge crashes and halts leaving all the printing jobs in the queue. In worst case scenarios, issues are pertinent to the printer’s drivers leading to not able to properly communicate with the print spooler service.  This blog has been penned down by experts on various ways to fix the Brother printer spooler service malfunctioning issues.

Resolve The Brother Printer Spooling Error In Easy Steps

Printer Spooling Error

Printer Spooler helps your Windows to communicate with your printer as well as maintains the printing jobs in a queue. If you notice any error messages about it, then it may fail to interact with another software. If you are one of the users with Brother printer spooling error, get in touch with us. We will help you to fix all the errors related to your Brother printer spooler. With the help of our step by step guidance, you will be able to fix the bug on your own.

Easy Steps To Fix Brother Printer Spooler Errors

If you are getting Brother printer spooling error, don’t worry. With the help of the following hacks, you can fix the bug on your own.

Method 1: Restart Your Print Spooler

The “stop” and “start” buttons are located in the print spooler Windows. Click on the “stop” button first and click on the “Start” button again to restart your print spooler. If your printer spooler stops due to any malware attack, restart your spooler bug to fix it.

Method 2: Make The Spooler Automatic

In the printer spooler properties, you can find the option ” Start-Up Type”. Choose the type “Automatic”. Your print spooler bug will be fixed.

Method 3: Delete The Corrupted Files

Delete the corrupted print job, which stopped while you are trying to print it. After deletion, restart your printer spooler. The bug will be fixed.

Method 4: Clear the Print Queue

Firstly, stop the printer spooler and go to the printer administrator option and delete the printer queue. But don’t delete the PRINTERS folder itself. Delete all files inside the PRINTERS folder.

Then start your printer spooler again.

Method 5: Update Your Printer Driver

You may face the errors due to an old version of a printer driver. Try to update your printer driver. If you can’t fix the bug, then try the next step.

Method 6: Delete Your Printer

You may face such kind of errors because of your corrupted printer software. You can follow the guidance to delete your printer. These can help you resolve the printer spooling problem with ease.

  • Unplug your printer or disconnect it.
  • Goto “Device and Printers” and open it.
  • Right click on your Brother Printer  Option.
  • Click Delete on the drop-down menu.

Method 7: Delete The Printer Driver

You have to delete the printer driver after deleting the printer. To delete the printer driver, open the “printer server properties”  and click on the drivers’ tab. Then, select your Brother printer and click on” Remove” to remove your printer. If you choose “Remove driver and driver package,” the installation package will be deleted as well as your printer driver.

Method 8: Scan For The Malware

Scan for the malware and if there is malware present in the system, get rid of it. Then reconnect your printer with your system.

Method 9: Reinstall your Printer

Plug your printer again and try to install your printer. If you deleted your printer package too then, you have to reinstall them again.after reinstalling of the printer software.

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More Easy Ways to fix the Brother printer spooler service malfunctioning issues

Step1: Working with the brother printer

  • Turn off the Brother printer first.
  • Click on the Windows button or one can tap on the start button from the computer.
  • Find and then carefully open the “Control Panel” icon as advised by Brother Printer Spooler Technical Support

Step2: Administrator tools

  • From there, get an overview of the “Administrative Tools” icon and open it.
  • Find and then open the “Services.” Option section
  • A new window will automatically pop up and users are needed to scroll down and look for the “Print Spooler” option
  • Highlight and then hit the “Print Spooler” option. Over there, simply choose the “Stop” button.
  • Minimizing of the current window is necessary.
  • Open the printer software which you are currently using to view on queue print jobs.

Step3: Deletion of corrupted files

  • Delete any of the available corrupted print job, especially the one which is failed while trying to print it.
  • Next, simply go back to the “Print Spooler” window and hit the ‘Start’ icon.
  • Turn on the printer and perform all the available test print jobs.

Few preventive notes for future to be taken into consideration

  • A regular update, as well as check-ups of the user’s operating system, needs to be performed to  ensure an updated version of the service
  • Update the printer’s drivers carefully to avoid any future glitches.
  • Regularly scanning of the computer should be done for malware issues.

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