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How to Fix Factory Re-Set a Brother Printer to Fix Toner, Drum and Error Lights?

If users are having a Brother HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, or HL-2280DW desktop printer connected to their PC or even with the Mac device, they surely with no doubts will experience toner error light or drum error or even just the error light up from time to time. Often this just seems to be with the system which is getting wrong and sometime it will even throw up a toner error light or drum error as per as professional by a team of Brother Printer Repair Service professionals.

Guide to factory re-set a Brother printer to fix toner, drum and error lights

These promising steps will completely reset the printer. Follow all the appropriate steps to get rid of the toner error light on a Brother laser. This is not only software solution but it works on windows XP,7,8, 10 etc and also works on Linux as well as OS X.

Step1: Factory reset

You are first required to factory reset the Brother laser printer

Step2: Turn off step

Turn off the Brother printer thereafter.

Step3: Go button

Next, please press and then hold down the “go” button.

Step4: Held the go button

With the go button still held, you are required to turn it on back again.

Step5: Release the button

When all the three lights flash up, then release the button and press the go button for at -least ten times.

Step6: Ready lights

Wait for the ready lights until the ready light is lit up again. This will take little moment to complete the process

Step7: Factory reset

Your brother laser printer should now be in full factory reset and all the other error lights (toner, drum and error) will be stop flashing.

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Steps To Reset Brother Printer 2200 Series

The Brother Printer 2200 series Laser Toners and Drums will be used for a long time as the printed paper does not contain clear or dark spots. If you shake the toner thrice at the end of its life, or when the printing begins fading then its lifespan can be increased.

If the printer does not work properly and you can view a red error light or an orange light next to toner because of the printer’s internal page counter reach the maximum programmed number of 1500 pages. For technical support contact Brother Printer Support.

A Yellow toner light begins flashing for some days, this is the sign that the counting is about to finish. When you view Yellow lights then perform the following steps to reset the Brother printer:

  • First open the front cover
  • Switch off the printer
  • Push the ‘go’ button and switch on the printer.
  • Leave the “Start” button
  • Push the “Start” button twice
  • Now all the lights on the panel are on
  • Push the “go” button six times
  • Now the toner light is off and the error might be appears
  • The paper light is either flash or it is on
  • Close the Brother printer cover
  • Switch off the printer and then switch on

Congrats! Your Brother printer is now ready for printing.

The page counting of Drums is higher than twelve thousand pages.

The step for drums is very simple.

  • Switch on the printer
  • Also open the front cover of the printer
  • Press and hold the go button till then the lights switch on

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Steps for manual installation of a Brother Printer on a Macbook With Mac Os X Operating System

Brother Printers are known for its high quality features and are the best in its printing service than other brand printers. The brother printer comes with full printing solutions for both office as well as home users. The printer is manufactured with highly innovative features with the state-of-the-art technology. Our Brother Printer technical support phone number section has the full potential to deliver its users a world-class printing experience according to the computer devices. It has the capability to transform a virtual printout into an actual sheet.

Steps for installation of a Brother Printer on a Macbook With Mac Os X

Below are the described Steps for manual installation of a Brother Printer on a Mac-book With Mac Os X Operating System by Brother printer technical support professionals to install a Wireless router based Brother printer on a Mac-book with Mac OS X system:

  • First, a user is required to create a simple short text file to carefully test the printing feature
  • Remove the paper in the Brother printer to avoid wasting too many unsuccessful runs
  • Find out the IP address of your router which is usually x.x.x.1 where x stands for various numbers.
  • Next, access the “Do File | Print in Text Edit” menu
  • Then, input the IP Address of the router in the Address Box.
  • Adding an appropriate name and Router IP Address in the location box is required.
  • Select the type of printer from the Printer list in Print Using box
  • Add the Button
  • At, last click on the continue Button and check the result

Tips for safety purpose

  • Remove the paper in the Brother printer, to avoid unsuccessful runs. Unsuccessful runs occur with a strings of characters, ad infinitum and many other paper issues that could be wasted

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