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Easy Way to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error

A drum entirety is a subsistence part of your Brother printer that you will sometimes require to replace but not as frequently as a toner ink cartridge. Brother Printer Drum Error is one of the common issues that Brother printer users face at least once.

A drum entirety is a green alloy barrel or tubing that conveys a static electrical charge to draw the toner particles from the toner ink cartridge. It also connects it to the printing page as it progresses through the printer. Hence, you may see that the drum entirety is very near to or even has a connection to the toner ink cartridge. Moreover, if you encounter any more problems with the drum unit, contact Brother printer support.

Why Do You Face Brother Printer Drum Error Frequently?

Ink and toner cartridges along with the drum assemblies, contain chips on them. Necessarily, these pieces are a system for the toner cartridges and drum assemblies to recognize themselves with the printer after their installation.

Still, some Brother drum assemblies do not contain these. And that is the problem with the drum assembly. Without the chip, the drum assembly cannot link itself to the Brother printer in any way. Due to this, you might see the “Replace Drum” report as your printer behaves the way it will act when the installation is not complete.

How Can You Repair The Brother Printer Drum Error?

Here are some ways to fix the Brother printer issue.

Find, Eliminate And Replace The Drum Unit

  • To find the drum assembly, you can directly open the front cover of your Brother printer and look for the toner ink cartridges. You can see that the drum assembly has a connection to the toner ink cartridge either above or below.
  • Try pulling any green toner locking bars below to loosen the ink cartridge. After that gently lift the ink cartridge towards yourself and finally pull it out of the device.
  • Implant the toner cartridge on a flat shielded facade.
  • You can see a green bar on the toner ink cartridges. You can press it to lift the toner cartridge from the drum assembly.
  • After that, you can replace the drum unit, and you can lock the toner back into its place above the new drum.
  • Finally, insert both the toner and the drum back into your Brother printer.

Clear The Replace Drum Message By Resetting The Counter

You can also reset your printer and make it operate it again.

Firstly, turn on the printer. Press on the “Clear” option after that. You can see the number “1” flashing. Press number 1. Make sure that now you are viewing the “Accepted” message on display. Performing this simple step can solve your issue in no time.

One Stop Solution For All Your Brother Printer Issues

For any further installation or drum unit errors, you can head over to the Brother customer service unit. Whenever you face complex issues with Brother printer, Brother Printer Support team will be there to guide you. It is not always possible to fix all the problems. That’s why tech support guides are there. Avail diligent Brother printer fixes by availing of any one medium of communication. 

Call at Brother customer service number to explain your difficulties to the guides so that they can fix the issue.

Also, you can mail at Brother’s authorized mail ID to do the same. Avail great hacks. Support techies are just a call away. Again, there is a Live Chat facility also. Techies are 24*7 working, and they will remain online all the time. They will resolve the Brother printer drum error in just a few minutes.


How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error?

Drum error conglomerates a number of printer’s drum related issues and blunders. Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-828-5593 is helpline number to help you in any printer situations. Different methods rehabilitate different types of Drum Errors. Understand their prime cause of drum issues to fix Brother Printer Drum Error.

The list of brother Printer drum errors is vast. Grounding the situations, the error messages also vary. If you do not reset the drum counter after replacing it, the following error messages may appear:

  • Replace Drum
  • Drum End Soon
  • Drum Near End
  • Drum Stop
  • Change Drum Soon Error in Brother DR3000 Drum Unit
  • Brother 8950dw Drum Reset Error
  • Brother Printer Drum Error tn33
  • Brother Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error

You need to understand the nature such errors before troubleshooting them. Drum errors in Brother Printers generally appears when you insert a new ink cartridge. Sometimes when you do not reset the drum counter after replacing, you can get several drum related errors.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Drum Error:

When you try to fix a Drum Error, make sure you do not make any changes in Toner Cartridge. Every Brother Printers comes with two separate drum and toner cartridge unit. So at the time of troubleshooting, be careful. You can also avail Brother Printer Customer Care Support to be specific about this error.

  • First thing you need to do is to turn the printer on and thus open the front cover of the device.
  • Click on the Clear or Back button located on the right side of the LCD Screen.
  • Numeric Keyboard Brother Printer press 1. Thus you can reset the Drum unit.
  • When you get the Accepted message, close the front door.
  • Check whether you are still getting this error or not.

With the help of the above solution, you can easily get back to any Drum related errors. You must check the pre-set temperature of the Brother Printer. To ensure reliability and quality, make sure to replace toner and drum cartridges with the original one.

24*7 Customer Supports via Brother Printer Customer Service Number:

We are a team of industry professionals available 24*7. Brother Printer Customer Service Number is a toll free number that resolve all your technical glitches. Whenever you get struck in the middle of a urgent printer work, the team will help you out. You do not have to roam here and there, as we deliver one stop solution for many printer errors. Hence call in the toll free number to get personalized results.


How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error tn330?

Drum Error tn330 typically appears when you insert a new ink cartridge inside Brother Printer. To fix Brother Printer Drum Error tn330, you need to reset the Drum counter. Brother Printers are normally reliable and easy to handle. Such errors often hinder its printing performance. Drum error is one of such errors that affects the smooth functionality of the printer. But there is nothing to freak out. It is one of the most common errors and can be easily fixed.

In general, when you insert a new ink cartridge inside the printer, Drum error suddenly pops up. This error message will keep on occurring even after you replace it with new one. Due to drum error, you might face printing problems. Until and unless you reset the Drum Counter, this error message will keep troubling you.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Drum Error tn330

Every Brother Printer has two different consumable Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge. To rectify this error effectively, you need to replace only the drum unit. Make sure you do not make any changes in toner unit. For less trouble, you can find the appropriate steps to get rid of drum error in minimal time possible. You can also repair Brother Printers with the help of our online remote customer services.

  • First of all, you need to turn on the printer and open the front cover.
  • Secondly, press down the Clear or Back button on the Control Panel located on the right side of the LCD screen.
  • Now Press 1 on your Brother Printer’s numeric keyboard to reset drum counter
  • If the printer does not have numeric keyboard, press down the Up Arrow.
  • Close the front door, when you get accepted message.

Note: Make sure you always use original Brother Drum unit and toner cartridges. Each toner formulation must match with the pre-set temperature of Brother Printer. Non Brother Product may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability. So to ensure quality and reliability, always replace drum and toner cartridges with original ones.

Call at Brother Printer Support Number for More Reliable Help:

If the error recurs, connect with Brother Printer Support Number as early possible. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians available 24*7. We tend to deliver customer friendly support for all Brother Printer issues. Our techies work round the clock to make troubleshooting more feasible. We also work around to make strenuous process to easy to troubleshoot. Other than that, our future recommendations will keep your device healthy in upcoming days too. Hence call at the number now and avail yourself professional help.