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How to Fix Brother Printer replace toner error?

Brother printers are the most preferred ones among all other printer brands as it provides unique features and long shelf life. It includes high-quality toner mixture which ensures its excellent printing quality. But sometimes you might get a dreaded “Replace Toner” message on your Brother printer for which you are supposed to connect with our Brother Printer Support to Fix Brother Printer replace toner error easily and conveniently.

What is a “Replace toner” message?

Toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers which help to generate printed text and images on the paper. But with times it needs to replaced to ensure the nonstop functioning of the printer.

Replace expired toner of your Brother printer

The toner of your Brother printer is also subjected to change with times, and you will receive a message asking to change the toner as the toner reaches its expiry level. You can fix this “Replace toner” message of your Brother printer on your own by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Power on your brother printer
  • Open the front cover and keep the machine in power on mode for few minutes to cool down
  • Take out the drum-toner cartridge assembly
  • Unassemble the toner-drum unit and lift the toner out of that unit
  • Bring the new toner cartridge and shake it from side to side several times to spread the toner evenly inside the cartridge
  • Put the new toner cartridge inside the drum unit and lock it properly
  • Put the toner-drum unit back inside the printer and close the front cover

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You are supposed to dial at our Brother printer support number or mail us your queries to reach our experts and avail quick recovery solutions from them to fix the “replace toner” message with a quickness.

brother printer connected but not printing issue

How do I resolve brother printer connected but not printing issue?

It is a common error with printers when it refuses to print even after being connected to power. Thus to  Resolve brother printer connected but not printing issue we have brought some of the best solutions. Connect Brother printer Technical Support number +1-844-828-5593  to resolve such as an error in brother printer.

Printing is not hard to do the task but if your printer is experiencing huge trouble in even printing the slightest bits. Thus it can halt your entire paper-work and to avoid this problem,  you should consider resolving brother printer connected but not printing issue as early as possible.

By Brother Printer Repair Service you make a change in your system can make your printer prone to apparent errors that will make a home into your system and will continue to dwell if not executed with proper measures. Your system software has numerous features that will help you to shift between active and offline modes with the help of toggle-cases.

It is important to diagnose the related features when it comes to resolving the issue of printing. The error generally arises when it is connected to a wireless network. In order to get rid of it, first, check on these below provided

Before we get into the steps to resolve brother printer connected but not printing issue, it is important to check for the possible factors owing to the errors.

Make sure to check on these-

To see if the machine is ready to use, you can check for blank screen or if the machine is kept on sleep mode. Also, make sure to connect it to a power socket and switch on waiting for any positive response to appear.

  • If your printing device is ready for usage
  • Whether the device is connected to any wireless connection
  • Navigate for any additional connection problem and solve them

Also, make sure the screen does not display any error message regarding possible paper jam or empty ink or toner. If any such error comes up on the screen. You need to clear them up at first and see if the printing option still works well.

Follow the steps to check for the status report on the brother printing machine:

  • If the screen displays “offline” error then you can turn it into online by accessing it through the administration settings.
  • If the screen has paused then also you can resume it by accessing it through the administration account.

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