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Brother MFC-9560CDW Wireless Setup | Get Easy and Quick Guidance

The Brother MFC-9560CDW is a powerful color laser printer that is ideal for office or small workgroups. With its fast printing, wireless networking, and outstanding color output, this printer can give you the best result. Thus, you can learn how to perform a Brother MFC-9560CDW wireless setup in the following section. 

Brother MFC-9560CDW Wireless Setup: Step by Step Instructions

Without further ado, follow the given steps thoroughly to initiate the brother mfc-9560cdw wireless setup process.

Step 1- Unbox your Printer

At first, remove the Brother printer from its box and check the components. It should contain an AC power cord, Drum Unit, Waste toner box, Belt Unit, and a Telephone Line Cord. 

Thereafter, remove the tape from the outside of the machine. Then, open the MP tray and take out the Plastic sheet from it as well. After that, close the MP tray.

Next, press and hold the cover release button to open the front cover. Then, remove the silica gel packs from inside the device. 

Next, press the green handle of the drum unit and take it out. Then, remove the 4 orange stickers from it and put it firmly back inside the machine. Finally, close the cover. 

Step 2-  Load Paper in Paper Tray

Next, remove the paper tray from the machine. Ensure that the paper guides are properly adjusted according to the paper size that you are using. 

Then, put the paper tray inside the machine and place it back into the printer. Now, connect the printer’s cables to the power supply and turn it on by pressing the Power button. 

Step 3- Set the Time Zone

Now, the printer will automatically display the time. However, if you set the station ID, the time zone will automatically be added to each sent fax.

Press the Menu, 2, 0, 1 key together. Then enter the last two digits of the year on the dial pad and press the Enter key. The same rule should be applied on Month and date.

Type the time in 24 hrs format on the dial pad and hit the Enter key. Press the Stop or Exit key.

Step 4- Choose the Connection Type

Finally, you need to configure your printer for wireless settings. Thus, follow the steps below to do so. 

  1. On the Brother MFC-9560CDW printer, press menu after that press 7. After that, press 0 to select the Network Reset.  Then, twice press 1 to accept the changes.
  2. Again, press the Menu button and select Network from the list of options. Next, use the arrow keys to navigate and select WLAN by pressing the Ok button. 
  3. When the ‘WLAN Enable?’ message pops up on the display, select Yes by pressing the 1 button on the numpad. 
  4. Now, the printer will search for available SSID. In case, lots of SSID will available on the screen, press the up or down arrow to select the SSID that you want to connect to.
  5. Thereafter, enter the password of that network by using the numpad of the printer device. After this, the printer will confirm the credentials and connect to the Wi-Fi network. 

Now, you can try to print a test page to check whether you are able to use your printer or not. 

Final Words 

Brother MFC-9560CDW wireless setup is quite simple and an easy process. Thus, make sure that you have gone through the above instructions very carefully. Thereafter, try to print a test page to check whether you are able to print wirelessly or not.