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Resolve Brother Printer error message Machine Error 71

How To Resolve Brother Printer error message ‘Machine Error 71’?

Subsequently, Brother printers do make our lives easier with its wide range of features and top-quality output. The company has been around for quite some time now and has risen to prominence with its long list of available devices. Even though you can always rely on Brother printer, print and machine errors are quite common and can hinder processes anytime. If you have queries like how Resolve Brother Printer error message Machine Error 71 keep reading for more information.

What are Brother Printer Machine Errors?

Machine errors are firstly one of the most common problems users are known to face on their Brother printer. A little mechanical malfunction or irregularity with the device can trigger these issues and stop your workflow. Therefore, Always make sure that the driver and device-related software are up to date with the latest version. If you want to make the effort of fixing them yourself, you can go through the listed steps given below.

How to clear the message ‘Print Unable 71’ or ‘Machine Error 71 in Brother Printer?

Following are the steps that you can follow to resolve mechanical malfunctions and other related problems on your Brother printer.

  • First, you can try resetting your device. Use the power switch on the rightmost end of the device and turn your device off. Wait for a minute or two and then power up the printer again.
    If you are able to see the date and time on the issue your problem is resolved.
  • If you have pending faxes in your device memory you should try and transfer them to a separate printer or a computer.
    To check pending fax message in memory press 9,0 and 1. If you have no pending messages the device will show the NO DATA.
  • If you have available data to transfer to a new device, enter the fax the fax number to which your messages can be forwarded and press Black Start accordingly.

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