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Ultimate Guide to Fix Machine Error AF on Brother Printers

Brother is a Japanese multinational corporation that is famous in the field of Information Technology and computer solutions. The company manufactures high-quality printers, fax machines, scanners, desktop computers and other appliances that make work faster, smarter and easier. Brother printers have various advanced features like efficient print, ink and toner saving, sharp scan lens, and LED notification panels, etc.

However, these advanced features are still in the developmental phase and require timely check-ups and proper maintenance to deliver the best performance. One of the most reported error is Machine Error AF on Brother Printers. The error indicates that there might be a paper jammed inside the print mechanism between the fuser rollers. You need to opt for expert assistance to resolve the matter. Call us at the Brother Printer Support number and avail premium quality services for your printer.


Take a look at machine error AF:

Brother printer indicates Machine error AF when there is some paper jamming issue with the printer. Sometimes it might show a false error due to any sensor malfunctioning. You can try and reset your printer to see if the problem is resolved by using these steps:

  1. You have to  turn your Brother printer off
  2. Then press and hold the GO button located on your Brother printer
  3. Then turn your printer on while holding down the go button
  4. When the lights start blinking, press and release the go button ten times
  5. The last step is to see if the printer indicates that it is ready to print

If the problem persists, you have to consult a tech professional to get accurate methods to resolve the error.

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