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How to Put Paper in a Brother Printer?

Subsequently, Brother printers stand out among all the top printer brands across the world as it offers robust built-in features and robust quality. Every printer need to be filled up with a new set of papers after a specific interval and Brother printers also require the same to ensure its continuous performance. But sometimes you might find some difficulties in filling up the paper tray and need guidance from a Brother Printer Support. Our experienced professionals can guide you the best to Put paper in a Brother Printer in a correct way.

Basic steps to put paper in a Brother printer tray

  1.     Unfold the paper output support flap
  2.    Take out the paper tray completely out of the machine
  3.     Shake a small pack of papers several times which will help to separate the sheets
  4.     Lay the stack of paper completely flat on the paper tray
  5.     Adjust the paper guides by pressing down on the blue lever to accommodate the height and length of the paper you are using
  6.     Place the paper tray back into the printer

Therefore, While applying the above-mentioned steps to load a stack of papers in the printer, you might come across Paper feeding issues. Some of the issues are mentioned below.

  1. Paper draw- The printer fails to draw the paper from the tray due to incorrect placement of the papers within the tray. Changing the position of the paper might help to prevent this issue.
  2. Paper jam- It mainly occurs due to putting too thick or too small paper which is not supported by the printer. Replacing the paper stack with a new one with proper thickness can help to overcome this error.

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