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How to fix the Error 32 in Brother Printer?

How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 32?

The error code 32 in Brother Printer indicates that there is some problem in its software application. This error code is also due to corrupt hardware or incorrect user input. The error code 32 is an error which can occurs in most brands of printers.  Other reason of the error is mistake in files, corrupt printer driver, a third party program or printer jam etc. The Spool32.exe is a spooler error which lets you spool printing tasks. The spooling authorizes PC to save printing tasks in hard disk of the computer. The main benefit of this is that it offers quick printing and the PC works smoothly. For more information contact brother Printer support phone number.

The solutions to fix the error code 32 in Brother Printer are given below:

Tips to fix printer jam issue

After switch on the printer, remove the drum unit and front cover carefully. Also remove any paper, labels or scraps of paper etc. Inspect belt unit for the paper jam and clean the waste toner box. You also need to inspect the roller for paper jam or edges of roller surface for any material stuck or paper.

TSR issue and printer driver

The error 32 can occurs because of problem with the printer driver.  If the printer driver is not updated or corrupted, the outcome of this is error 32. Therefore download the updated printer drivers from the website of the manufacturer and install those drivers.  Some third party applications can also creates technical issues in printers. You need to check that there is no third party applications are running in the background. To do this, press “End task” of the TSR running on the PC.

Other fixes for Brother Printer Errors

If the driver of some other application loads when the computer is working, it can create some issues. To resolve this go to the Start and then type “Run”.  You require, renaming the autoexec.bat to autoexec. ch and config.sys to  This will definitely fix the error code 32. The next step is to restart your computer. For brother printer setup, or  Error 32 in Brother Printer call us on toll-free number +1-855-267-5995.