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How to Fix Brother Printer Check Paper Error ?

This is the most common issue faced by users while they are trying to  turn of the printer for the first time and it clearly defines that your printer has encountered as severe issues while working with it and on the other hand you will find that the printer is completely damaged. Most probably it calls for a serious action just to set a little tray in order to remove this message completely from the device. Let’s see now that various steps to fix Printer Check Paper Error in Brother Printer with detailed explanation of each step.

Steps to troubleshoot the Printer Check Paper Error in Brother Printer

Step 1: Perform a check for a printer paper

  • We all know that the printer has a paper which says that users are supposed to put the paper and then check for availability of paper in the tray. It will now draw the tray from the Brother printer and it is always advised for users to must have a check of the size of paper they are currently putting. There is an every possibility that the paper is not at all fitting into the tray configuration accurately

Step 2: Configuration of the paper

  • And now, since the tray is just out of the printer, the next step is simply to configure the the type of paper properly which is to be printed to avoid getting this issue on repeated basis.
  • Perform a check whether the paper tray is starting to the print the documents accurately or not and whether it is able to catch all pages.

Step 3: Fit the tray

  • Now, see whether the paper which you need to print is accurately fixed just to see the space so whether paper tray fits in a better way. The tray comes with definite numbers that are used to carefully select the type of paper, adjusting the tray to the type of paper printed.

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