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How To Fix Brother Printers “No Cartridge” Error?

The error generally occurs because the Brother printer cartridges do not have enough chip to clearly show up ink levels. Normally, it is usual for the printer device to tell what is the amount of ink for the cartridge, whether users have enough ink to use it or not? Also, it is suggested for users to place some black tape into the printer. We all are aware of the fact that the Brother inkjet printers are the most compact printers used by users. So, it is common to have that on a single day error may occur with no cartridge installed, or maybe it is empty.  Professionals have described that this issue is quite easy to solve provided that they have a little bit of idea on how to Fix “No Cartridge” Error In Brother Printers. So, here we will be describing few solutions to overcome the problem that are quite easy for users to apply.

Solutions to troubleshoot “no cartridge” error on Brother printers

Solution No. 1: This solution advises users to remove and then, put the cartridges into the device carefully again

  • Brother ink cartridges comes with no sensors that are common for other printers some such as Epson and Canon.
  • So, if we plan to remove all the ink cartridges and then, put them back after shaking them a little, there will be every possibility that 50% of these are well recognized.
  • If you are unable to solve the issue then, we recommend you to try the below solution.

Solution No. 2: Place few adhesive black tape into the cartridge where you will find some ink in the device

  • Here in this solution, if the Brother printer cartridges do not have chip to clearly indicate a proper ink level, then, it is requested to users to place few adhesive black tape into the cartridge where users can easily find ink in the printer device

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