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How To Fix Error 46 on Brother Printer?

If you receive Error 46 on Brother Printer screen while you are working? Then don’t worry about it.  This error indicates that the ink absorber pad is full and requires replacing it.The ink absorber contains dried and liquid ink after it purges from the print head. The absorber is intended to carry enough ink, the expected (the whole time) life of the printer. But often it obtains full depending on the number of times the print head is cleaned.

Have a look at some situations when the printer head cleans itself automatically:

  • At the time, Brother Printer performed the initial purge.
  • When the print head is not capped completely, and the printer will run an automatic cleaning.
  • When the Printer is not being used, it will default to a sleep mode that consumes very little energy.
  • When the printer is powered off, and empty ink cartridge is replaced.
  • When the printer is powered ON, without any use for 40-45 day, then print head will be cleaned automatically.

Easy Methods to Fix Error 46 on Brother Printer:-

Method1: Pull Out and Put Back the AC Plug

  • First, pull out the AC plug, and then put end the AC plug until pressing down the “Menu” button for 15 -20 sec.
  • Through the above step, you will enter the “Maintenance mode” and “error 46” pops up show.
  • Next, choose 8 via using the arrow buttons, and press on “OK”. Then choose “0” and then “OK” button.
  • Then you will see “Message 00:00 00:01” OK appears.
  • Now push the “Mono” button 20-26 times while you see PURGE: xxxxx.
  • Then choose 2, hit “ok”, then select 7, hit “Ok”, then select 8, press “OK”, and then select 3, hit “OK”.
  • Purge the counter indicates: purge: 00000
  • Then switch off the Brother printer, and then switch it ON.

Method2: Reset the Ink Counter

  • First, press “Menu” button, and then “Mono” Start one by one, followed by up arrow key four times.
  • Then enter maintenance mode 80, by clicking the “UP/Down” arrow key and push “OK” key and then select 0 and push “OK” key.
  • Next, press blue “MONO” start button to choose PURGE.
  • Now it’s time to use the UP down key and choose reset code 2 and tap “OK”, then 7 and tap “OK”, then choose 8 and tap “OK”, and then choose 3 keys and tap “OK” to reset the counter to 00000.
  • Press “Stop/Exit” key in order to go to the root of maintenance mode.
  • Next, enter code 9,9 to exit maintenance mode.
  • Then choose 9 and hit “OK” and then choose “9” again and hit “OK” button.

By the following methods, you can definitely fix your issue efficiently.Still, if you have any confusion or doubt, then you can contact with our Brother Printer customer support team for immediate help & guidance.  Our technical experts are available 24×7 days for support.