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How To Fix Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error?

The Sleep Time setting in Brother printer helps the device to reduce the power consumption. While the printer device is in the Sleep mode or one can also call it as “Power Save mode. The action which is performed by this method is simply to receive data as well as start an operation to wakes up the printer device from its “Sleep state to Ready mode”. But when this is not working properly, the result may lead to “sleep mode error”. Here are steps to fix Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error.

Steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error

Here we will only discuss steps that are performed in Windows system.

Step 1: Choose how long the device should be idle
Users at first need to choose till how long the device should be idle before it gets diverted into Sleep mode. At the time when your machine receives a computer data or even generates a copy, the timer will automatically get into reset process.

Step 2: Choose the settings icon

Now, from the menu bar of an application, you are requested to click the “File => Print” icon. Do perform a thorough check of the printer name and then, click the “Properties” icon. Tap the “Advanced tab” and then click the “Other Print Options” icon. Users are now requested to choose the “Sleep Time under Printer Function” and then click the type of settings which you wish to set for the “Sleep time” option.
Step 3: Working with the “Intelligent Sleep Mode”

This is a setting which automatically adjusts to the most appropriate timeout setting based on the frequency of the printer’s usage.

Step 4: Printer Default
Here, the settings will turn the printer directly to the Sleep mode while there are specific time absolutely set at the factory passes without any data received after the printer has started printing the last job. Now, the timeout setting will be automatically reset to the specific time set at the factory section.

Step 5: go for “Manual” guidelines
The setting will turn the printer directly into the “Sleep mode” when the time will pass without receiving data after the printing job has been completed. Type the appropriate time in the box or simply press the “Up or Down” arrow to set the time. The printer will turn into the “Sleep mode” automatically now.

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