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Learn How To Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue With Few Simple Steps

Even though Brother manufacture different kinds of products but they are well known for their amazing printers which give exceptional quality printing experience at an affordable price range. Brother printers are fused with modern technology and can scan, copy and fax numbers of copies within a few minutes. However, these features do not make it free from glitches. Specific hardware and other problems often affect the output and slow down the process which ultimately causes the Brother printer offline problem.

That’s why we are here today to guide you to bring Brother printer online with a few simple steps. So, read the rest of the article to resolve the issue with a few simple and quick steps.

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Offline Problem

Before jumping to the fixing method, first, you have to know why is Brother printer offline. As we mentioned before, Brother printer offline problem can occur for both software and hardware glitches. Other than that, this problem can also come up due to the internet connection issue. If the server is down or the IP address of your device is different from the home or office network, the wireless Brother printer will show offline status.

Another reason behind the trouble can be related to the Printer Driver. If you accidentally delete any folders related to Brother printer, the printing status will show offline even if the machine is powered on. A glitch related to the hardware is quite possible for Brother printer offline if you are using an old device.

A quick glimpse at the other possible reason for the Brother printer offline problems are:

  • The power button, USB cords may be broken or damaged.
  • The ink cartridge is jammed due to solidified ink on the printhead.
  • The ink tank may have less ink to print a set number of sheets.
  • Paper jams or faulty fuser.
  • A configuration error is pretty possible if the settings of your Brother printer does not sync with the Windows 10 Operating System.

Methods to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

Depending on the root of the problem, there are few effective methods available to fix your Brother printer offline issue. The methods of fixing the router are quite easy and don’t require lots of technical knowledge. With proper guidance, anyone can solve the issue within a few minutes. So, let’s check them out and use the appropriate method to resolve the issue in your computer:

Method 1: Check the Connection

Before anything else, when the error occurs in your computer the first thing you have to do is check the connection for both of your printer and the computer.

Since Brother printers can be both wired or wireless, first, make sure that your WiFi is enabled. Switch off your router and switch it on minutes later. Similarly, you can turn off your computer and turn it on after a while. Make sure you have a reliable connection and also check the USB. If all these are working correctly, then you have no other choice except using some troubleshooting method to solve the issue.

Method 2: Set your Printer as Default

If there is no problem with the connectivity, then your next step will be to set the printer as default to eliminate the problem. According to various online reviews, setting the Brother printer as default fix their offline issue without any further problems. So, if you want to use the method then follow the below steps:

  • At first, turn on your computer and press the Windows + R key to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Now, type ‘control’ in the Run box and hit the Enter button to open the Control Panel.
  • Next, select the Devices and Printers option from the Control Panel to get the available list of the Printers and other devices.
  • After that, select the appropriate printer you want to select and then right click on it.
  • Once you right-click on the printer, a small box will be open, select the Set as default printer option and then restart your Brother printer. Now, check if your Brother printer is appearing online or not.

Method 3: Setting the IP Address and Installing the Latest Firmware

If your Brother printer is still showing offline status after setting it to default, then it is possible that the IP address assigned to the printer is either wrong or the firmware you are using is outdated. So, fixing either one or both of this issue can solve the offline status problem. Here is the guide to fix these kinds of issues:

Step 1:

Turn on your computer and go to the My PC or My computer section to open the Network tab from the left side of the window. Under the Network tab, you will find your Brother printer. Once you double-click on it, some Brother printer model will install the latest firmware automatically. For the rest of the Brother models, a web page will be opened in your default browser which will give you access to the printer settings page.

Step 2:

In your case, if the printer access page opens, click on the Network tab present at the top of the screen, then select the sub-category of Wireless to get the printer IP addresses and other network related information. Before leaving the access page copy the network related information.

Step 3:

Now, open the Device and Printers option from the Control Panel in the same way you have done in the previous method and then select the Add a printer option to attach your Brother printer with the appropriate IP address. In case it is already added in the list you have to remove it first in order to Add it again with the proper IP address.

Step 4:

Once you select the Add printer option, your computer will automatically detect the Brother printer. In case it doesn’t show up then you have to select ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ option. Next, select the option Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname from the new window to land to a new page.

Step 5:

In this window, you will be able to select the Device type, post name, and IP address option. Fill up each section with accurate info which you have copied from the printer access page and then press the Next button. When you are successfully able to add the printer, a list of printer driver will come forward. Select the correct driver or click Windows Update to automatically add the drivers.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the official Brother website and locate your printer model and install the drivers it required.

Method 4: Disabling SNMP Settings

Brother Printer also uses the Simple Network Management Protocol to implement more security and additional functionalities in the connection. There are many online reviews available which claim that disabling this protocol fixes the problem permanently for their computer. So, give it a try by following the below guide:

  • At first, open the Control Panel from your device and click on Devices and Printers option.
  • Now locate your Brother printer and right-click on it to select its Properties.
  • In the Device Properties, you will see lots of tab in the top of the window. Select the Port tab and then click on the Configure Ports option.
  • Once the Configure Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor window opens, uncheck the option called SNMP Status Enabled and press Ok to save the changes.

Now, simply exit the page and try to reconnect with the printer (If possible power cycles your printer properly before proceeding).

Method 5: Disable the Antivirus

Most of the antivirus create an extra layer on Windows Firewall and control over incoming and outgoing data. For this reason, antivirus often causes a connection problem during connecting with other devices wirelessly. Antiviruses are too much concern about the safety of your computer thus if it feels a little bit suspicious about an incoming connection request, it blocks the connection right away.

If the Brother printer offline problem is occurring in your case for the same reason, then we will recommend you to temporarily disable the antivirus function and then try to connect with the printer again. If the printer offline problem is fixed after disabling the antivirus, then uninstall the current security software and replace it with another brand of antivirus software to avoid the same issue in the future.

Method 6: Cancelling All Print Jobs and Reinstalling the Printer

If none of the above methods works for you, then your final option will be to reinstall the printer with the proper IP address which we have mentioned in Method 3.

  • Open the Devices and Printers option again and then right-click on your Brother printer to select the See what’s printing option.
  • On the new window, click on the Printers option to open its drop-down menu and then select Cancel All Documents option.
  • Next, go back to the Devices and Printers page and right click on your printer once again but this time select the Remove Device option to uninstall the printer from your computer.

After completing the above steps just add the printer again using Method 3 of the article.

Additional Methods

There are some other additional methods available which can help you to resolve the issue. These options are:

  • Use the Power-Cycling option to solve minor bugs of your printer and computer.
  • Some routers have a timeout function which closes a port if it isn’t used for some time. So, if you are using the same type of router then disable the Time out function to solve the issue.

Wrap it up

This is all for today regarding the topic “Brother printer offline fix”. Hope our guide able to resolve the Brother printer offline issue in your device. If you have some other effective fixing methods for Brother printer then you can also share those with us. Also, if the above method is not able to solve the Brother printer offline problem for you, then we will highly recommend contacting an expert for better guidance.