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Brother Printer Head Alignment

Learn How To Fix Brother Printer Head Alignment Not Working Problem With Technical Solutions

Alignment problems with Brother printers can be a critical issue for the users. It will not allow them to print the necessary documents accurately. When any printer head is having misalignment issues, the angles of printed texts and images will not be proper. A majority of customers has reported that Brother printer might also stop working due to this alignment error. So, for those who aren’t aware, your printing machine can become misaligned due to several reasons.


In many cases, the reason can include paper jam or any stuck stuff in the printer. Also, there can be issues with the toner cartridges, which can cause alignment problems if it’s dirty or clogged somehow. Sometimes, using a low-quality cartridge or wrong installation technique can also cause misalignment error in printers. So, if you want to know why you are experiencing Brother printer head alignment issues, keep reading this article.


Here, you will get to know some technical fixes which you can apply to resolve alignment problems in your Brother printer. So, let’s discuss the troubleshooting methods for fixing these printer head misalignments one by one.

Things you Need to Know Regarding Brother Printer Head Alignment not Working Issue

When users don’t use their Brother printer frequently or have installed new toner cartridges, there can be problems with the device’s alignment. Also, it can be the case that your printer has become misaligned following a large printing session.


Fortunately, there are a few signs to figure out whether your printer head or the cartridges are misaligned. One of the surest ways to tell that your Brother printer head alignment not working is by examining the printouts. So, if you observe that the printouts are out of alignment, have jagged lines or blank, it indicates misalignment error. Also, if there are unusual prints along the edges, it is also one of the sure-shot ways to verify if the printer is not correctly aligned.

Brother Printer Head Alignment

Now, if you want to troubleshoot this alignment problem in Brother printer, you need to follow certain things. So, before discussing the solutions to align your printer accurately, you should check a few points.

Brother Printer Head Alignment

First of all, make sure that your system is having updated software for the Brother printer connected to it. Because, for resolving the hardware problems in your machine, you need to install the correct driver based on the model of the printer.


Also, if you are connecting your Brother printer to a Windows 10 based PC, it is a must that you keep the OS up to date. This is necessary especially when there are bugs in your system that can cause technical problems including misaligned printouts.

What are the Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Head Alignment Error?

If you are notified that Brother printer head alignment not working whenever you try to print anything, don’t panic. In order to resolve this problem, you can try the following fixes for setting the correct alignment for your Brother printing machine.

Solution 1: Steps to Fix Physical Errors Causing Misalignment in Brother Printer

Due to any physical damage or issue with your printer, it can generate out of alignment printouts. Hence, you can go through the following points to make your Brother printer align correctly.

Brother Printer Head Alignment

First, you need to remove the cover and paper trays gently from your machine and check for any stuck paper. For this purpose, you can utilize a flashlight and search the insides of your printer thoroughly.


In case, your printer is showing any signs of alignment problems, check whether it’s happening due to cartridges. Often, printers can have clogged or dirty toner cartridges and it can lead to misaligned printer heads. So, if this is causing the error in your printer, you need to either fix the clogged cartridges or install new ones. Also, make sure that you are maintaining proper cleanliness of your printing machine to prevent misalignment.


While setting new cartridges, try to install products manufactured by Brother and based on the model of your printer. Often, the cartridges from a non-Brother brand or a third-party can have alignment issues with the printer. Hence, the cartridges may not fit into the holder section in your Brother printer and make it misaligned. Hence, you should always prefer genuine cartridges from Brother manufacturer and install them properly.

Brother Printer Head Alignment

Solution 2: Check your Brother Printer’s Print Alignment Settings

You can try the following method to verify the alignment settings on your Brother printer and then troubleshoot the problem.


So, first, confirm whether you are getting printed texts which are faded or a bit more blurred than usual. You need to also go through these settings if you have recently transported your machine from one place to another.


So, on your printer’s control panel, press the icon of ink, which can be seen as color bar symbol. Then, select ‘Improve Print Quality’ and hit the tab for ‘Alignment’. If you have any issues with finding the correct icon, simply click the ‘Settings’ feature on your Brother printer. Thereafter, hit the tab for ‘Maintenance’ and choose the option of ‘Improve Print Quality’. Now, you need to click on the ‘Alignment’ button for checking the printer’s settings.


Then, press the tab of ‘Next’ and use the up and down arrow buttons for setting up the paper size. You need to adjust the alignment of the paper and the printouts by manipulating these up and down keys and press the tab for final selection.


Thereafter, click on either ‘Advanced alignment’ or ‘Basic alignment’ button. Make sure that you load the correct papers in the tray, which you have already selected in the previous steps. Then, hit the tab of ‘Start’ and wait for your Brother printer to generate the Alignment Check Sheet printout.


For a specific pattern, it will generate a test print sample with serial number 1 to 9 for users to preview them. Now, you need to identify the best print pattern, which can assure proper alignment of the printed tests. So, select your desired pattern preference and select the ‘OK’ button.


In case, you couldn’t select the correct text pattern with respect to the selected print alignment, the printed text can look crooked or blurry. However, if your print alignment is set correctly, the text will appear without any misalignment problem.

Solution 3: Change Print Cartridge Alignment Using Toolbox Windows

If your printer is out of alignment due to misaligned cartridges, you can apply this method to fix it. So, you need to open the Run dialog box on your Windows-based PC by pressing ‘Windows logo’ and ‘R’ button at the same time. Then, write ‘Control Printers’ and click the ‘OK’ button.


Open the ‘Devices and Printers’ window and locate your Brother printer from the list. Then, right-click on it and choose the tab of ‘Printing Preferences’. Next, tap on ‘Features’ and then select ‘Printer Services’.


Based on the type of Toolbox displayed on your system, you need to select the exact tool for aligning the cartridges in the printer. So, to resolve Brother printer head alignment error, you need to hit the tab for ‘Align the print cartridges’ and apply the on-screen instructions.

Brother Printer Head Alignment

In this article, you came to know the reasons why your Brother printer head alignment not working. It has also covered a few troubleshooting methods to resolve misalignment error in your printing machine. For more updates, you can consult Brother printer technician and make it aligned with advanced technical solutions.