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How To Fix Common Brother Printer Errors

How to fix brother printer errors E50, 51 and 52? +1-855-267-5995

Most of the Brother Printer errors come in alphanumeric codes. If users are aware of what these codes actually imply then, they can understand the root cause of it and solve those accordingly. If users are accounted with any kind of error messages in the Brother printer then, fix brother printer errors E50, 51 here are list of common Brother printer errors where users can have a close look into it and rectify them further. Let’s have an overview on how to fix common Brother printer errors with their solutions

Steps to fix brother printer errors E50, 51 and E52

  • Error E50

The error “E50 signifies malfunctioning of the printer’s fuser unit: a part of printer which gets warm up and binds the print on a paper immediately. This error further means either the temperature is too warm or it is not warm enough.


Switch off the printer for at-least 5 minutes and then switch it back on again. Leave the printer unattended for a while (for 10 minutes) without directing any command. If this doesn’t work out then, the issue needs to replace the fuser unit immediately.

  • Error: E51

Among other common Brother printer errors, this signifies the laser unit mal-functioning issues. Laser unit tends to write information on the drum surface itself which further indicates a non-detection laser beam issue.


Switch off the printer and then turn it on again. If again you are seeing this error then, the laser flap is defective and yes, its needs to be replaced.

Brother Printer Error: E52

The error clearly signifies that laser motor malfunctioning. Inside the laser unit, there is a spinning mirror and motor that drives it. Thus, this error defines that the motor is in faulty condition


This error can also be resolved by powering off and turning it on again. Power off and on will help users to identify for any available errors. If it is there then, the laser needs replacement.

Brother Printer Error: E54

The error E-54 signifies malfunctioning of the printer’s main motor which holds all drives into the main gear train to run all printing functions accurately.


Switch off the printer and turn it on again. If error continues to appear then, turn on the printer after removal of the toner is made.

Next, check for the proper working of the motor. If it does then, you need to buy another toner. But if the error persists then, then replacement of the main motor is necessary to have.

Brother Printer Error : E60

If users are encountered with this error then, the fan is completely in malfunctioning mode. There are generally four cooling fans in a printer and this error means a serious fault in one of them.


Switch off the printer and turn it on again. In case error continues to persist then, it is advised to seek for immediate help from expert professionals to identify and replace the faulty fan properly.

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