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The Brother printer error code E-51 usually occurs due to printer’s laser beam, lid or mirrors that are not evenly placed in appropriate solutions and as a result, this printer error code often is encountered by users while working with the device. Users are further requested to perform a deep check whether the ink cartridge and other features of the printer are well placed in your printer before you start using the device. So, here the blog is all about steps on how to fix Brother printer error code E51 with promising solutions.

Steps to fix Brother Printer error code E51 with promising solutions

Step1: Working with front cover

  • Open the front cover and then leave your device for at least 10 minutes to make it cool down first.
  • Be careful while taking out the drum unit as well as the toner cartridge assembly. It is quite possible that the jammed paper may be pulled out via drum unit or even may be with toner cartridges assembly.
  • This may further lead to releasing of the paper so that users can easily pull it out of the paper tray opening area.
  • At last, close the front cover carefully and proceed with a proper guidance to fix the Brother printer error code E-51

Easy Way To Fix Brother MFC665CW Printer Error Code E51

Step2: Managing the drum unit

  • Be careful not to put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly directly at back section.
  • Pull the paper tray out of the device completely.
  • Now, slowly pull out the printer’s jammed paper and then open the back cover which should be “face-up output tray”
  • Try to carefully pull down all tabs located towards left and right hand sides to easily open the fuser cover

Gently pull up jammed papers out of the fuser unit from your device.

Step3: Working with the fuser cover

  • Close the fuser cover (1) first and then the back cover which will be face-up output tray
  • Pull up the duplex tray entirely out of your Brother printer.
  • Next, the jammed paper should be out of your machine as well as from the duplex tray.
  • Make sure that you have not left out with any jammed paper under the machine from static electricity.

Step4: Working with the tray

  • Carefully put the duplex tray right towards back of the machine.
  • Next, users are guided to put the paper tray firmly at back side of their device.
  • Pull down the green lock lever device and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit section.
  • Clear out all jammed paper if you find any inside the drum unit.

Step5: Working with the toner cartridge

  • Place the toner cartridge right at the back side into the drum unit till you hear it locked completely into an appropriate place. The green lock lever will lift automatically, if everything is done accurately.
  • Open the front cover, place the drum unit as well as the toner cartridge assembly back into the device.

Step6: Confirmation phase

  • Do confirm that the toner cartridge and a drum unit in the machine have been properly installed. Next, if the drum unit has not been installed then, this may further cause a paper jam in the Brother printer.
  • Close the front cover next.
  • Make sure that the “Error LED” is turned off and the “Ready LED” light is also turned off.

This is likely to be similar to other Brother Printer models that take the LC57 ink cartridge (DCP130C, DCP330C, DCP350C, DCP540CN, DCP560CN, MFC240C, MFC440C, MFC465CN, MFC5860CN, MFC685CW, MFC885CW.

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