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Fix Brother Printer Error

How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 71?

Laser Error appeared with the unit is the part of machine that writes information onto drum surface and the machine is detecting a problem with it. To fix Brother Printer Error Code 71 which relates to scanner motor as well. The print unable 71 error message has to deal with laser unit polygon motor. The laser unit doesn’t start up on brother printer till it starts to print. The polygon motor of the Brother Printer usually runs from 20 to 40,000 RPM’s depending on the model type. Consider the example In case of motor fails to get up to Operating speed in y amount of time then the machine will produce a print unable 71 error message. Most times it is a result of the lubrication breaking down in the polygon motor bushing. Sometimes you can remove the motor from the bushing, clean it out, and apply a lubrication of a really light weight machine oil, other times you will have to replace the unit. Well on most of the Brother Printer machines it’s more involved in removing a laser unit than other models so when confronted with a noisy or locked up motor you tend to replace them as they are relatively inexpensive. Or you can connect via to Brother Printer Support Phone Number for one to one assistance and get proper understanding of the error 71.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot the Brother Printer Error Code 71

Step 1:Verify the firmware version

  • To ensure the Brother machine is working on the optimum settings it is recommended the machine to have latest firmware
  • Press * and # keys at same time on numeric key pad of the machine panel
  • Once several letter and number display top row of the LCD, if it is P or higher than it is fine version to be used or if the firmware version is N or lower you need to update
  • Once the update is completed move to next step

Step 2:Turn off the Brother Machine power switch and then turn the switch back ON

Step 3: Print the User Settings by pressing MENU, 6 (Print Reports), 4 (User Settings), START.

  • If the User Settings are printed correctly and the error will not return, and the issue has been resolved.

Find the instant reliable Brother Printer Customer Support Number

As you are not able to resolve your Brother Printer Error 71 it is recommended to connect with Brother Printer Support Number (toll-free) and avail the instant support. Our qualified technicians are present to deal with our error code 71 therefore available 24*7 in your service. It is always made assured best possible solution support is offered anytime with multiple options of communication with the tech experts.