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How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 20?

Brother Printer error code 20, 21, 22, 23 are caused by Laser Diode failure. The laser diodes writes information to be printed onto surfaces of the drum. To fix Brother Printer error code 20 by following the blog steps discussed. The printer error code 20 is related to laser scanner assembly error in brother model DCP 9045 and MFC 9840 machine. In most case error code 20 means that the device was manually disabled but user may also see code 20 error if window is forced to disable device due to lack of system resources. The details of the device manager error code 20 are available in Device status area in device properties. The Code 20 error could apply to any hardware device managed by device manager and if Microsoft Operating System could experience a code 20 device manager error. Other include Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP.

Steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 20:

Step 1: Enable the device: try enabling device manually as the most common reason user see a of code 20 is manually it got disabled

Step 2: Restart the Computer if user haven’t already did, it always chance that error code 20 was caused by temporary problem with hardware. Restart the computer might resolve the error 20.

Step 3: Any device is installed to make changes in Device manager just before the error code 20 appeared?  If so highly likely that the change user made caused code error 20

Step 4: Re-install the drivers for device uninstalling and then re-installing drivers for device is one possible solution to resolve code error 20

Step 5: Update the drivers for the device install the latest possible drivers for the device could correct the Code 20 error

Step 6: Clear the CMOS: Window had to disable the device generating code 20 error due to lack of system resources clearing CMOS might fix problem

Step 7: Update the BIOS another possibility is of newer BIOS version could be better pass system resources handling to Windows

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Step 8: Move the device to different expansion slot on motherboard assume of course that piece of hardware with error code 20 is an expansion card of some kind

Step 9: Replace the hardware an issues with device itself might be root cause of code 20 error in that case replace hardware

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The steps mentioned in above blog are sufficient to fix the error code 20 but in case user fail they can connect to qualified technicians out there for immediate and instant support call Brother Customer Care Toll-Free number  +1-855-267-5995. They are all-time available for you in order to give user any and all kind of assistance via online remote or over live chat. Feel free to call for efficient support to solve affected brother printer machine.