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Fix Brother Printer Error

How To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 0xF3?

This Brother printer error code 0xF3 occurs due to contact with foreign objects which made few unwanted particles stuck inside the printer and thus printer obstructions are faced by users. The error is expected to arise while the carriage has reached its actual position. These are few reasons which can also happen because of clogged or even due to disconnected ink-vacuum tubes in Brother printers.   Below are steps to discussed to fix Brother Printer Error Code 0xF3.

Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 0xF3

Step 1: Remove Various illegal Printer Components

Remove all available Brother printer components of ink tanks and make sure that the rear component of the Brother printer has been removed completely.

Step 2: Manage the ink Level

The next step is to simply dismount the ink lever of the printer to carefully remove the front panel screws of the printer

Step 3: Manage the Printer’s LCD Panel

  • To get rid of the error, users are advised to dismount the LCD and the front area of the device.
  • The next thing is to de-attach the back panel screw of the printer device to deal easily with the process of removing the error.
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Step 4: Remove the Main Back Cover of the Printer

  • Carefully remove the main back section of the printer to work with the LCD display features.
  • Gently clean up all the left encoder area of the printer device by using dry cleenex tissue paper
  • Gently clear out all the right encoder section of the device with the help of dry cleenex paper

Step 5: Test the Printer for Any Error

  • Carefully insert the paper as well as the cover 2 switch with the help of paper scotch tool to check whether the error still exists.
  • Lastly, remount the printer but before that make sure you have removed the scotch by following proper steps in reversing mode

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