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How To FIx Brother Inkjet Printer Error Messages 30, 33, 34 Or 35?

The error message 30, 33, 34 or 35 in the Brother printer is caused due to the failure of the print-head  to return to its home position to the far right of the unit and both of the springs located on each side of the carriage is out of place. According to the Brother Printer Support team, the error is the reason of the cartridge covers that may not have been locked securely in place. But our expert professionals have found ways in troubleshooting the Brother Inkjet printer error messages 30, 33, 34 or 35.

Steps to troubleshoot the Brother Inkjet printer error 30, 33, 34 or 35:

Step 1: INK button

  • Press the “INK” button which can be found in the “Control Panel” easily.

Step2: Using the dial pad

  • According to expert team of Brother Printer Technical Support guidance, by using the dial pad, you need to tap on the “press 2 (Replace Ink)” which will prompt you to display the “PLS OPEN COVER” message.

Step3: Scanner Cover release

  • Pull up the “Scanner Cover release” lever option which is located under the Control Panel and lift the Scanner cover up carefully.
  • This carriage will further move to the left side in order to replace the ink.
  • If the carriage seems not to move to the left side then the machine needs to go for a service.

Step4: Working with the “silver springs”

  • After the carriage has easily moved to the left, you need to press down each cartridge cover and then remove all ink cartridges from the printer carefully.
  • You will get to see two springs that are located on each side of the carriage to hold the print head easily against the carriage assembly. They are known as thin silver springs approximately 2 1/2 inches and then set it towards an angle.
  • If the spring is completely out of place then simply press the spring back into its original place.
  • A user can easily use the spring which is located just on the opposite side of the carriage to place it in the correct position.

Step5:  Reinstalling the ink cartridge

  • If the spring is in proper place, then reinstall each of the ink cartridge carefully.

Step6: Working with the Brother printer covers

  • After installation of the ink cartridge is completed, you need to carefully close the covers and verify their security with purpose of locking.
  • The Brother printer will then prepare for a head cleaning and will go online.
  • The LCD screen of the Brother printer will prompt users to verify whether the new ink cartridge was inserted for each color which you removed or not.

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