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How To Connect Brother Printer On Wireless Network?

If users have trouble over connecting Brother printer on wireless network for Macintosh then, don’t worry about it.  Our professional expert team has carefully penned down a blog on this matter with proper verification steps. This will further allow users to perform a deep check whether their Brother printer is well connected over Wireless Network or not?

Steps to connect Brother Printer on wireless network for Macintosh

Step1: Power on the printer

  • Check for the printer’s connection. If it is found that the printer’s display (LCD) is absolutely in blank state then, your machine is powered off. Users are advised to press any button for ensuring whether it comes out from sleep mode. If not then, check for appropriate connection with all power switches.
  • Perform a check whether the printer display screen is displaying any kind of error message like ‘Paper Jam.’ If it is positive then, go for troubleshooting steps.
  • Move on to next step to connect Brother printer on wireless network for Macintosh

Step2: Verification of wireless connection

If everything seems to be fine with your printer, let’s move ahead by checking the wireless connection status first. For this, one needs to print the “Network Configuration List”. In case the Wireless Link Status is OK, move to the next step.

Step3: Verify for available communication between Printer and the computer

  • Get access to the printer’s IP address from your Network Configuration list which you have printed in previous step.  If you find the IP address to be in invalid status then, go to Step4. But, if it’s accurate, then proceed further.
  • Next, get access to the computer’s IP address first.
  • Go to “Apple menu” and hit on ‘System Preferences’ option located at the drop down list.
  • Click on “Network” icon next
  • Keep a proper check on the IP address mentioned under ‘Status’ heading.
  • Check for all the following details for your computer and yes not to forget about the Brother Printer IP address.
  1. PC IP address:1.2
  2. Brother machine IP address:168.1.199
  • In the Mac OS X 10.9, just hit on “Go” button which can be found in the “Finder” bar, Computer>Macintosh HD>System>Library> Core Services>Applications>Network Utility” section.
  • In Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.8 version, click on “Go” button which is located in the “Finder” bar and in the “Applications>Utilities>Network Utility”.
  • Click on the ‘PING’ tab which can be found at top side and then enter IP address of Brother Machine as instructed.
  • Hit on ‘Send only _ pings’ radio button to ensure the value in the box is 4 and click on ‘Ping’ button.
  • If a reply from the printer’s IP address is received then , it will indicate a common communication between computer and printer.
  • Close the window now.

Step4: Establishing a Wireless Network connection

  • Reset the network settings carefully to its factory default settings.
  • Follow all the instructions that are provided with the wireless router to establish a wireless network connection.

So, if your are satisfied with our solutions regarding Brother printer issue then, we look forward for you in future to have us help in solving issues. We can be reached out at Brother Printer Customer Support section anytime anywhere.