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Clear Drum Error Message feature

How To Clear Brother Printer Drum Error Message?

The Drum Error message usually appears on the display screen if the corona wire located on the drum unit is all dirty and needs to be cleaned out immediately. Drum error message are of two types namely: “Drum error message Slide the green tab” and the other one is “Drum error message appearing on the LCD display”. This error is usually seen in the Brother printer while users are working on it. Users here will be introduced with steps to clear drum error message of Brother printers.

Steps to Clear Drum Error Message of Brother Printer

Step 1: Managing the front cover of the Brother printer

• Carefully open the front cover and then remove the drum unit as well as available toner cartridge assembly features.
• To remove the Drum Error message, it is advisable for users to make sure that they are placing the drum and toner assembly accurately on a piece of paper. This is essential to perform if in case printer is having a spilled or scattered toner.

Step 2: Handling and cleaning out the Corona wire gently

• Clean carefully the Brother printer’s corona wire which is located just inside the drum unit.
• Carefully move the green tab from side to side several times as needed.
• Next, return the green tab carefully to the home position which can be found at the far left side of the device.
• Make sure that this green tab is accurately break down into the home position. If it is not returned securely to the home position then, most probably all your printed pages will turn into a vertical stripe down page form.

Step 3: Dealing carefully with the metal pieces of the printer’s drum

• While you are trying to place the drum and the toner cartridge just towards, the right side of the drum, there you will see two small pieces of metal. The first one will look similar to staples and the other one is a metal rod attached outwards.
• Clean out each of these metal pieces by taking a soft dry lint-free cloth.

Step 4: Managing the drum toner and assembly

• Re-installation of the toner as well as the drum assembly into the printer is essential and then, close the front covers carefully.
• Confirm whether you are using a genuine Brother toner and drum or not? It is strongly recommended by professionals that users should make use only genuine Brother drum units and toner cartridges to avoid any type of future issues.

A note to be considered:

• Using illegal Brother printer utilities may anyhow affect the hardware performance of the printer, printing quality as well as machine reliability problems will definitely arise.
• Secondly, if any message continues to appear further related to drum errors then, it is advisable to replace the drum unit with a new DR-420.

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