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How to Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer?

Subsequently, Printers developed by Brother are pretty reputed for their top-quality prints and fast printing capabilities. If you too are a Brother printer user, you are quite familiar with their top-grade features. But problems with Brother printers are too quite common and can happen for the simplest of reasons. If you have ink related problems and want to Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer, we have got you covered

Ink Related Brother Printer Issues

Moreover, Ink-related problems are quite common and can happen for the simplest of issues with cartridges. From connectivity related problems to carriage related errors, a lot can contribute to the issue and stop your flow of work. Often the printer software has issues identifying the onboard empty cartridge/toner. Brother printers have four separate cartridges with separate inks but the low ink LED indicator does not tell you which one is empty.

Are you wondering “how do I Check the Toner Level on a Brother Printer?”

 You can follow these steps to identify the empty cartridge/toner creating the problem.

  • Access the Brother Printer Control Centre. If you can’t locate the option in the start menu, type in the name in the available search field and initiate the program.
  • When the Brother Printer Control Panel has completely loaded, click on the Device Settings button.
  • Next, click on the icon that says Ink Level. This will generate a printer icon in your taskbar.

Therefore, Click on the newly available Printer Icon and will open a new window showing a graphical representation of the installed toners. Now you will easily be able to see the level of ink available on each cartridge.

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Problems with Brother printer can happen anytime and give you different kinds of troubles. If you are not able to work with above steps and need help for resolving the problems we are always here to help. Contact our Brother Printer Support number team of experts and we will take care of the rest accordingly.