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Brother Printer Won’t Print: Solutions To Wake Up Your Printer And Start Printing

It doesn’t even matter how old is your Brother printing machine but it can stop printing without giving any prior signs or error symptoms. However, there are a few specific reasons due to which your Brother printer won’t print and remain idle. So, the reason can include critical hardware failure to software issues which can disable printing on the Brother machine. Sometimes, users may not realize when your printer is operating in sleep mode and it can seem to a technical error. Also, there can be network problems due to which printer might not be able to print documents from the websites directly. Sometimes, the issue can be as minor as a paper jam or low ink level in your toner cartridge. So, irrespective of the causes that can stop Brother printer from printing, there are some troubleshooting techniques to fix printer problems.

If you want to understand why your printer won’t print and how to resolve this problem, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn some technical solutions and apply them based on the underlying issue that can prevent Brother printer to print.

Reasons why Brother Printer won’t Print when Connected to your PC via USB or Wireless Network

A brother printer can display a different set of errors while connecting to a wireless and wired network. But, if you notice that the Brother printer won’t print anything especially after connecting to a computer via USB port, it can happen due to specific reasons. So, let’s discuss a few underlying causes, which can stop your Brother printer to generate printouts.

  • Often, the cables attached to your printer can be defective or physically damaged. Hence, if you try to take printout under such a circumstance, Brother printer won’t respond to your print commands.
  • If you have picked up a faulty USB port or USB cable for connecting printer to your PC, it can also give this error.
  • Sometimes, an issue with the power supply unit or wall outlet can also stop the printing process. Hence, check whether your printer is receiving adequate power to carry out the print jobs. Otherwise, you will find your Brother printer’s power button is on but, it’s still not ready to print.
  • In case you have installed a corrupted or incorrect driver for your printer, Brother machine will not print anything.
  • If there are infected files on your system, it can disable connections from external devices including printers, fax, mouse, keyboard, and other equipment. So, if your Brother printer has encountered any virus or malware attacks recently, it can stop printing.
  • Often, Brother printer won’t print if it is out of the coverage area of an Ethernet or wireless network.

Apply These Fixes when Brother Printer won’t Print Anymore

It can cause a lot of frustration if your Brother printer won’t print in the middle of an important task. However, you can check out some quick fixes in order to troubleshoot this problem and resume printing. So, let’s have a look at the solutions and discuss the steps in the following section.

Fix 1: Check for Errors and Power Issues on Printer

Before assuming that your Brother printer is having any technical problem, check the Power options. You need to verify that the Status LED is lit which indicates that the printer is turned on. Examine the supply unit or wall outlet to ensure that your printer is receiving a proper amount of power. Also, check for any error codes shown on the display, as the printing won’t start until you fix them.

Fix 2: Launch the Network Repair Utility Program

If your printer doesn’t print after applying the above fix, it means there can be some network issue. So, you will have to download and install a repair utility tool which is compatible with your Brother printer. Then, create a temporary folder on your hard disk drive for saving the files on extracting them.

After downloading the network repair program, check its content by double-clicking on it. Then, save the extracted files to the new folder you have just created using the previous step.

Finally, run the repairing tool and follow the on-screen instructions to fix network problems on Brother printer. In case, you are connecting multiple printers to your PC while running this utility program, make sure to enable the Brother printer and disable the other machine. After repairing is complete, you can take a test print of any document and see if Brother device is responding to the command.

Fix 3: Fix Communication Issue Between PC and Printer

In case, your Brother printer won’t print because of an IP address conflict, it can be a serious issue. Hence, you will have to collect the correct IP address of your printer by pressing the ‘Go’ button thrice. On the report generated by the machine, you can spot its IP address on the third or last page.

Next, you need to obtain your PC’s IP address to address the communication problem and fix the print error. So, click on the ‘Start’ menu and open the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows and ‘R’ buttons.

On the Run box, type ‘cmd’ and click on the ‘OK’ button or press ‘Enter’ key. As the Command Prompt window appears on your screen, type ‘IPCONFIG’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

Once you receive the information regarding your computer’s network settings, you can note its IP address. In case, you can’t manage to find this address, you can also obtain your computer’s IPv4 address. Somehow, if you can’t find the IP address for your Brother printer or PC, you can contact your ISP to provide the details. They can also help with troubleshooting the network/ communication issue and make the printer print.

Finally, if none of the above fixes work and you observe that Brother printer won’t print, try to install recent drivers for your machine and PC. However, if you want a professional to address this problem, you can consult a Brother printer technician immediately.