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Brother Printer Not Printing: Resolve Printing Issues With Technical Tips From Experts

In between an ongoing printing task, if your Brother machine stops to respond, it can be an annoying situation. So, if you are experiencing this issue, know that a majority of Brother printer users can no longer print due to this unexpected error. For understanding the underlying causes of why your Brother printer not printing anymore, you can go through this entire article. Here, you can learn both the underlying issues and troubleshooting methods to fix printing problems in your Brother printer.

Possible Causes of Brother Printer not Printing Error

If you notice that Brother printer not printing when connected to your PC or laptop, it can happen due to many reasons. So, in order to troubleshoot the error and make your machine print again, you need to know the causes. The following points will provide some insights on a few issues, which can stop your Brother printer from printing.

  • If your printer is turned on but not ready to print due to some technical issues, it can stop responding.
  • In case the connecting cables or any physical component in Brother printer is loose or defective, it won’t print.
  • For printers, which don’t have adequate ink in the cartridge can stop the printing tsk immediately. Similarly, any shortage of sheets in the paper tray can also be the reason behind Brother printer, not printing problem.
  • If your printer is unable to connect to the internet due to issues with a wireless or wired connection, it can stop printing from any website or web page.
  • Many users connect multiple printing machines to their PCs, which can sometimes create an issue while printing. So, basically, if your Brother printer is not selected as the default printing machine, it will not start to print.

Methods to Resolve Printing Issues in your Brother Printer

On finding out that the Brother printer not printing, it is not a very pleasant feeling when you have got lots of stuff to print. Hence, you can try some technical methods as discussed below and see if your printer starts to work. So, let’s cover the steps one by one.

Method 1 – Check Whether your Brother Printer is on and Ready to Print

This method is applicable if you can’t determine whether the machine is on or just in sleep mode. Basically, you need to check this solution if your printer’s screen is not showing anything or simply blank.

So, in order to check the status of your printing machine, press any random key to confirm if it was in the sleep mode. If it doesn’t show any changes, it means there is some loose end in the connecting cables or printer’s power supply unit.

If you manage to turn it on by applying some technical instructions, you can turn it off and then restart a couple of times. Finally, if the printer starts to respond or anything shows on the display, go to the Print queue section. Then, see if there are any pending tasks in the queue due to which your Brother printer not printing recently.

To check this, click on the icon of your Brother printer and hit the tab for ‘Open Print Queue’. Then, you can choose either resume the printing tasks or delete them from the queue.

Method 2 – Make Sure the Printer’s Screen Doesn’t Show any Error Message

Due to several reasons including hardware and software, your Brother printer can have some unresolved error code. Hence, you need to check whether the display of your machine shows an error message when you start it. So, pay attention to error notification regarding ‘Ink/Toner Empty’ or ‘Paper Jam’, as it can be the reason why the Brother printer not printing.

In order to clear the paper jams, thoroughly search your Brother printer and remove any stuck page. You need to check the loading tray as well as the rear of the printing machine to find paper pieces. Also, clear away the dust and dirt particles to make sure

Method 3 – Set Brother Printer as the Default

Before applying this solution, you should check whether your system has set Brother printer as the default machine or not.

Steps to Check if Brother Printer is your Default Machine

If you are using MacOS based computer, open the Apple menu and then go to the tab for ‘System Preferences’. The steps can vary in case of Windows or another OS version.

So, you need to click on the option of ‘Print & Fax’ and find the feature of ‘Print & Scan’ on your device. In some PCs, you may see this tab with the label of ‘Printers & Scanners’ also.

On the next window, you will be able to view the list of printers and scanners connected or installed on your computer. So, your task is to locate the icon of Brother printer from the list of devices. Now, observe carefully whether the selected printer has any green tick symbol next to it.

You can also look for the status info below the printer’s icon, which may mark it as Online, Offline or Idle. It will also have the ‘Default’ word mentioned next to the status of your printer.

Now, verify if your Brother printer is displayed as ‘Online’ and has the label ‘Default’ besides its status. In case, you don’t find this specific information next to your Brother printer, it indicates the error. It means, the machine is not yet selected as the default printer and it’s also currently offline. So, check out the steps to set your Brother printer as your PC’s default printer.

Steps to Select Brother Device as Default Printer on Windows

First, click on the Start menu on your Windows and go to ‘Settings’. Then, hit the tab for ‘Devices’ and select ‘Printers & Scanners’. Choose your printer and click on ‘Manage’. Now, select the option of ‘Set as default’.

In case you are using Windows XP, click on ‘Start’ and then repeat the above steps after hitting ‘Printers and Faxes’. Whereas, in the case of Windows Vista, you will have to first open ‘Control Panel’ by clicking on ‘Start’. Then, select ‘Printers’ under ‘Hardware and Sound’ section. So, you can check the Default Settings of Brother printer in many ways based on the Windows version installed on your PC.

Method 4 – Update Brother Printer Driver and Select Right Network

Due to technical reasons, a few network issues can also lead to the Brother printer not printing problem. So, it’s essential that you find a stable wireless or WiFi connection to connect your printer to fix it. Hence, try to run a network troubleshooter software on your PC to detect internet issues.

After resolving the connectivity problem, now you can search for the recent updates for Brother printer. Also, make sure to install the latest drivers for your printing machine to fix bugs and vulnerability issues.

From this article, you have hopefully, understood why your Brother printer not printing due to a wide range of causes. Also, you can try the technical solutions from experts and fix printing issues in your machine. In case, you want to apply advanced fixes directly from the professionals, you can reach a Brother printer technician anytime.