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How to Fix Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error?

Cartridge recognition issue is a general problem in all genuine Brother Toner cartridges. To fix Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error, you need to perform several procedures.

Brother Printers are well-known for delivering high printing quality. It’s incredible printing and scanning device are compatible for all. But sometimes, some unexpected error appears during printing which troubles the users. One of such issue is hl 2130 Toner issue which bugs Brother Printers often. This error appears when a user installs a Brother TN2030 cartridge and does not reset the toner.

Solution to Troubleshoot Brother Printer hl 2130 Toner Error

With the help of  Brother Printer Tech Support Team, we have jotted down the best solution to get rid of this error. Thus go through the down mentioned solutions to take care of this unwanted error in less time and effort.

Solution 1: Resetting Toner Cartridges

Step 1: Turn off the Printer and open the Printer front cover.

Step 2: Turn the printer on while pressing down the Go button.

Step 3: Release the Go button when the toner, drum and error LEDs are on and the Ready LED is off.

Step 4: Press down the Go button 2 times while the toner, drum and error LEDs are on. And then press again for 6 times.

Step 5: Close the front cover when the error LED start flashing.

Solution2: Resetting Drum

The printer’s page count needs to be reset as soon as you change a DR2200 drum unit. Open the front cover and press the Go button until all the LEDs are lit and then close it. it will resolve printer’s Drum light warning.

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Solution 3: Printing a Test Page

Turn off the printer and then turn on again and hold the Go Button until the three lights light up. Release the Go button which will turn off the LEDs. Now press the Go button again to print a test page.

Solution 4: Trying Factory Reset

Step1: Turn Off the printer and press the Go button while turning it on again.

Step 2: Keep holding until all the lights lit up, turning the Ready LED off.

Step3: As you release the Go button; all the lights will turn off.

Step4: Now press the Go button 10 times to restart your Printer automatically.

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