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How to Fix Brother Printer Error S01

How to Fix Brother Printer Error S01?

Error S01 is in general a temporary memory fault or an EPROM Error. To fix Brother Printer Error S01 or S02, you might need to replace the main board of the printer. The S01 error code typically indicates an internal PCB error. While running an internal diagnosis, this error appears due to a critical issue or a PCB error. A PCB error signifies that the main or control board has failed due to some vital reasons.

Error S01 and S02 or all S01 through S13 errors indicates the similar issue and need same troubleshooting procedure to rectify. This errors need to be fixed in minimal time possible to avoid fatal consequences.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error S01 or S02

This Error S01 is always a fatal error and almost requires replacing the control board to rectify. In this blog, we have settled some ground work before going for the final decision. For more solutions, connect with Brother Printer Help services.

Solution 1: Connect the USB cables properly

First of all, you need to make sure whether the USB cable is directly connected to the USB port of the printer. Connect the cable properly with both the Computer and the Printer. After doing so, try to print again. If you are still unable to print, try solution 3.

Solution 2: Set the Brother Printer as Default

When you print using the print icon within an application, you need to set your printer in default settings. To set your Brother device as Default printer:

  • Right click on the Brother Printer
  • Secondly, choose “Set as default printer” from the list.

Solution 3: Empty the print queue and set printer status as Ready

  • Click on Start button and type Control Printers followed by clicking on OK.
  • Now look for the Brother Printer in the list. As you run your mouse over the printer icon you might see:
    • Status: Ready
    • Documents: 0
  • If you find any documents on the queue, cancel all documents depending on the operating system. This might set the printer driver Online.
  • If the status is pause, un-pause it to resume printing.
  • If the status is ready, try to print Windows test page.

Solution 4: Turn of the printer or close any open program.

Solution 5: Reset your device

  • Unplug the power cables from the wall outlet and wait for a good 15 minutes.
  • Press and hold the Cancel button for 60 seconds. At the same time, re-plug the cables and press for another 60 seconds. Now release all the buttons and try printing again.

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