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How To Fix Brother Printer Error 30?

This error may be the cause of several issues which is usually displayed on the screen. Reasons are many such as one due to failure in the printer’s print head carriage which is refusing to return to its original position to far right of the unit. The second reason is due to displacement of the springs that are located on each side of the carriage. And the last but not the least is locked out of the cartridge which needs to be placed securely in place. To fix Brother Printer error 30, we have following steps to get rid of it faster

Steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer error 30

Follow these steps explained by Brother Printers Tech Support professionals to help you deal easily with this error code

Step 1:  Dealing with the scanner cover

Press the ink button first which is located in the “Control Panel”. Now working with the dial pad, just press the “Replace Ink” option which will prompt users to the option known as “PLS OPEN COVER”. The next thing is to pull the Scanner Cover release lever out which is located just under the Control Panel to lift it up. Users are now requested to move the carriage towards the left side for easily replacing the ink. If it is the case where your printer’s carriage is not moving to the left then, the device needs an immediate service.

Step 2: Dealing with the spring now

After you have moved the carriage to the left, just press down each cartridge cover and then, remove all the ink cartridges from the printer. Users will come across two springs that are located on each side of the carriage to hold the print head against the carriage assembly. Well, these are silver springs that are set at an angle. If the spring is found to be out of place then, press the spring back into its original position. You need to work with both the springs on the opposite side of the carriage.

Step 3: Re-install the cartridge

If the spring is placed improperly then, reinstall each of the ink cartridge. After you are done with the installation of ink cartridges, close all the covers to verify they are securely locked into place. The printer will then prepare for a head cleaning process by changing its status to online. The LCD screen will now prompt users to verify whether the ink cartridge was or not. Press the “2” number

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