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How to Fix Brother Print Heads Problems?

Here the blog all about the discussion that how to Brother Printer Print Heads Problems by the best troubleshooting steps. Therefore, the Brother Printers have a built-in, permanent print head. While this allows Brother to use a very high-quality print head, thus to maintain good print quality, the machine automatically cleans the print head when needed. If there is any print quality problems occur, then it’s required to start the cleaning process manually or self-cleaning. As with the nozzles on print heads from other manufacturers, those on Brother printheads can become clogged with trapped air or dried ink. Fortunately, the Brother’s self-cleaning cycle often clears the former, but the latter can prove more difficult to remove. Using a couple of different techniques, though, you can unblock the nozzles and prevent the need to unnecessarily buy an entirely new printhead and can perform various trouble song steps to fix this issue. So, if you are facing the same problem, then don’t worry about it. Then follow the steps that are given below to get rid of this trouble. Or you can get more information about it, you can contact Brother Printer tech support number for immediate help

Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Print Heads Problems

Solution 1:-Unclog Brother Print Head Nozzles

Step 1:- Getting Started

Tape the top part of the Brother Printer and scanner together.

Step 2:- Remove the Blue Connector

  • Then remove the four screws holding the front display panel.
  • Next, lift the display panel.
  • Now, remove the blue connector and the ribbon cable gently.

Step 3:- Remove the Hinge

Then, remove the two hinge screws on the back of the Brother printer.

Step 4:-Remove the Support Arm & Release the Clips

  • Then you should to remove the support arm.
  • Next, click the tab to release the clips, then once it’s out gently pulled towards you to release the back.

Step 5:- Unplug the Ribbon

  • Then you should remove the cover on the right side, exposing the ribbon cable gently use the spudger in the tabs to release it.
  • Unplug the ribbon cable and slid it out.

Step 6:- Remove the Panel, Remove the Hole, and Remove Covers

  • Remove the Panel on the left side exposing the wiring connectors for the top of the printer
  • After disconnecting, the connectors remove the hole top of the printer and place it safely out of the way
  • Remove the 15 screws to the cover. Then remove the left and right side covers.

Step 7:- Remove the Front Corners by Gently Pulling Upwards

  • Now you need to remove the front corners by gently pulling upwards
  • After then, open the back paper jam cover.

Step 8:- Remove the Red Connectors for the Battery and Speaker

Then lift off the cover and put aside out of the way.

Step 9:- Release the Clear Print Head Guide Wire

Now you have to slide the clear print head guide wire off the tab on the right side

Step 10:-Releasing the Print Head From the Carriage

Now, you have to use a spudger, then press down on the plastic housing of the park carriage that the print head rests on.

Then slide the print head to the left freeing it to move.

Step 11:- Removing the Print Head from the Rails

Next, you need to slide the print head left until it is at the end of the rail. You can feel its release (lift upwards when it aligns with the cut out notch).

  • You have to push the print head unit towards the back of the device and lift the unit from the back rail.
  • Then using the spudger, press the spring section of the white pulley.
  • Next, release the conveyor from the pulley while the spring is still compressed.
  • Then, remove the conveyor from the gear on the other side of the device.

Step 12:- Print Head is Now Ready for Cleaning

How to Clean With a Paper Towel?

First of all, tear a single sheet of paper towel in half. Then fold the sheet in half several times until it is about 1/2 inch.

Then, put the print head on top of the paper towel and then put a few drops of distilled water for at least 15 minutes. This will soften the ink on the printhead.

Next, move the printhead assembly back to its resting position. Then you will probably notice that the paper towel now has one big black blob of ink on it. (There is so much excess ink on the print head that all the colors are mixing to make black).

If you can’t properly see individual colors, then dampen another spot on the paper towel and move the print head back over the newly dampened spot on the paper towel. Then continue repeating this until you see all the individual colors.

Solution 2:- Perform Self-cleaning Method to fix Brother Printheads Problems

Method 1:- It is advice that you should perform the suggested methods of self-cleaning the Brother printheads in the order they are listed below.

Step 1:- Clean the print head if there is a horizontal line or a blank space in the text or graphics on printed pages. Depending on the problem color, select to clean Black only, three colors at a time (Yellow/Cyan/Magenta), or all four colors at once.

Step 2:- Then cleaning the print head consumes ink.

Step 3:-And after then cleaning too often uses ink unnecessarily.

Method 2:-Run Your Printer’s Self-Cleaning Cycle

Brother printers feature a self-cleaning cycle designed to remove trapped air and dried ink from printhead nozzles. It works by pulling ink from the cartridge through the nozzles with enough force to clear the blockage, though the wipers can sometimes smear excess ink over the printhead. After numerous cleanings, this ink can build up and again block the nozzles, so do not run more than three consecutive cleaning cycles. Initiating a Brother inkjet printer’s cleaning cycle is relatively simple, as you simply need to print a test page first to determine in which of the three color or black nozzles the blockage lies. After locating the problem nozzle, you can run the “Cleaning” option from either the “Ink” or “Menu” button and choose that nozzle. After the cleaning cycle finishes, you can print another test page, and then run the cycle up to two more times if the nozzle remains blocked.

If the cleaning cycle does not solve the problem, then you can proceed with the next solution.

Solution 3:- Perform Manually Method to Clean the Print head by Wipe It

You should need to manually wipe the Brother Printhead to solve the issues. Attempt manually method to clean the printhead by wiping it with a paper towel. Start with an additional cleaning cycle, but remember to disconnect the power source as soon as the cycle begins. This moves the printhead from its parked position and allows you to slide it freely along the paper roller. From now, move the printhead off to one side, fold up a paper towel so that it is long and narrow, moisten it with printhead cleaning solution, place it on the paper roller, and secure it with tape. Next, move the printhead over the paper towel and let it sit there for 15-16 minutes. You may have to repeat this process with clean paper towels until all of the individual colors come out in addition to black. Before you plug your printer back in and print another page, however, make sure that you moved the print head all the way to the right to return it to the parked position.

In this manner, you can solve the issue.

But in case, if you face difficulties in performing the above steps, then you can get comprehensive guidance with the help of the Brother Tech Support team.

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