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How to Connect Wireless Brother printer to PC or laptop?

Brother printer is the most preferred printer in the world due to its user-friendly interface and easy access. After purchasing a new printer, the next critical job is to connect it correctly to the PC or laptop. If you are facing any difficulty to Connect Wireless Brother printer to PC or laptop with your computer system, contact with our Brother Printer Support to avail proper guidance to complete the printer installation process.

You can apply following steps to connect your printer device with the computer system

  • Power on your PC or laptop as well as your router
  • Switch on the printer and navigate to the menu of the printer
  • Go to the network and click on WLAN
  • Click on Setup Wizard
  • Click on Enter as you receive a message saying “Network I/F switched to wireless” in your window
  • Check the availability of your network on the displayed list and click on Enter

By following the steps mentioned above, you can connect your wireless Brother printer with your computer system smoothly.

You can receive several error codes such as unable to change, unable to scan, unable to clean, unable to print and many more. As soon as you receive any of these error codes, apply following guidelines to overcome them within a quick span of time.

  1. Check if any foreign objects such as a paper clip or a scrap of paper are there inside the printer
  2. If the error continues to appear, the printer might have a mechanical problem which can be addressed initially by resetting the machine
  3. If the problem remains, move the print head carefully and check if any foreign object is there under it. Remove all unwanted objects from the underneath of the print head
  4. Check if the printer has faxed in its memory and transfer those faxes to any other device. After the transfer, disconnect the Brother printer from the power source and reconnect it after several minutes.

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You can dial our toll-free Brother Printer Customer support number +1-855-267-5995 to reach our experts and resolve all possible error codes of your Brother printer.