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How to clear the message Print Unable 09?

There are a lot of issues you may face with Brother Printers, however not all issues will give you a hard time to fix the errors. Clear the message Print Unable 09 is one such error that you may face during the course of use. Brother Printers are the hugely popular worldwide. It gives you a wide range of printer products to choose from. Although, Brother Printers has a lot of features to offer to its users, yet, there are times when you need a professional assistance. So in that case, you can connect with our Brother Printer Tech Support team and get your issues resolved.

How to fix the message Print Unable 09 in Brother Printer?

Resolving the Printing Issues is not always hard. If you understand the root cause of the error then you can connect Brother Customer Service to resolve the issue quickly. The main reasons behind this printing error are hardware malfunctioning, to fix the issue follow these steps.

  • If you are getting a Clear the message Print Unable 09, then in the first place, you need to power down the printer and restart the printer after few second. To do that, hold down the power on/off button and release it after few second.
  • After restarting the printer if the error code changed to Self diagnostic on your printer display screen. It basically means the maximum limit of the Fuser has reached or the printer is unable to determine the correct temperature during a specific printing operation. Now, you need to power off the printer and restart the printer. If the printer display shows the present date and time then it means the issue is resolved.
  • After performing the self-diagnostic if you are facing the same issue, leave the printer power on for a minimum of 15 minutes and wait to cool down the machine. In most of the cases, overheating cause this error.
  • If the issues still persist then as a last resource, you need to print the printing setting report. To do that, press the menu button and then press 5. You will see the print report. For print setting report you can press 4. Then you need to press start to print the reports and press exit to stop the printing.

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