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Steps to Install Brother Printer Driver on Mac

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers on Mac?

Printer Drivers are a bridge to connect your printer with other external peripheral devices. Brother Printer drivers help you to communicate better with the hardware connected to it. Whenever you try to install such printer driver for your OS, Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-828-5593 proffers incredible services. With the help of the team, you can easily install Brother Printer Drivers on Mac.

Downloading printer drivers is not a hasty work. You need to be exact about the Brother Printer model you are using and the OS you are using. With proper information, thus you can make an installation process successful.

Effective Steps to Install Brother Printer Driver on Mac:

To pass proper command to your printer, driver plays a great part. Keeping an eye on that, this blog will help you to make the installation process easier and handy. Read the blog out or place a call at Brother Customer Care Service for instant help.

Keep that in mind that depending on the operating system that you are using, the process to install Brother Printer driver on Mac may vary.

  • First of all, you need to turn your printer off and thus unplug your device from the wall outlet.
  • Remove any such cables connected to printer as well.
  • Next thing you need to do is to choose the connection time:
    • For USB Users:

Plug in the printer and turn it on by pressing the power button.

Use USB Cable to Connect with your computer.

  • For Wired Network Users:

Connect the network cable and turn you printer on after plugging it back to the wall outlet.

  • For Wireless Network Users:

Setup your Brother Printer with Wireless Network using proper guidelines. Make sure to plug it back and turn it on before doing so.

  • As you are done with the connectivity, choose Apple Menu and thus click on System Preferences.
  • Now click on Print & Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners button.
  • Choose the + button and thus click on Default.
  • Look for your Brother Printer in the Printer list.
  • Confirm that the correct printer is selected for printing process.
  • Close the System Preferences as the printer is installed.

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Fix Issue While Using Install An Add Printer Wizard For Windows

Add Printer Wizard tool in printers helps user to smoothly install a printer easily whether it’s a conventional or a wireless one. The printer can be easily connected to the computer directly or via a network process. Once users have started functioning with the printer, the Add Printer Wizard will automatically detect the printer by guiding users step-by-step manner to connect it with the computer. But there may be issues occurring related to Add Printer tool that may be due to improper using of the Add Printer tool, not able to detect the tool at all and also and occur due to Bluetooth issues attached to the printer. Below are steps discussed to resolve issues while using an Add Printer Wizard for Windows.

Steps to troubleshoot issues while using an “Add Printer Wizard” for Windows.

Step 1: Using theAdd Printer Wizard

The error message “Access is denied” may come across while users are trying to print from a Windows Vista-based PC to a PC running Windows XP. Also sometimes it is seen that a printer needs to be added, but is not displayed in the Add Printer Wizard. For this issue, the solution is quite easy to apply and that if the Wizard is not able to detect a printer, then install it manually. Now, when the Add Printer Wizard is used by users to connect a new printer then, users may come across an error message displayed as “Operation could not be completed”. The print spooler service will not run running in this case.

Step 2: Solve the issue of “Add Printer Wizard” not detecting a printer

This issue happens because the printer is already installed earlier or may be a new printer needs to be installed. It is suggested for users to check whether the printer is switched on or not? If not then, the printer needs to be switched on. If the printer is on then, do check whether the networking cable is properly plugged in or not. Plugging of the networking cables properly is highly required.On the other hand, if it’s a Bluetooth printer then, check the mode set in it to makes the device accessible to all. If the printer is already set to the invisible mode then, make it set to visible mode. If this issue persists, it defines that the problem is mainly with the computer software or hardware.

Step 3: solve issue ofBluetooth printers are attached using the Add Printer Wizard


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To perform this step, simply click on the ‘Control panel’ icon and then, tap on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ icon. Next users are need to click on the ‘Printer’ icon. After you have clicked on the ‘Add a printer’, the Add Printer Wizard will automatically open. In the Add Printer Wizard, you are advised to click on the ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’ icon. Now, the Add Printer Wizard will guide users through further steps and once completed, users will see a “finish” button. Now, your Bluetooth printer is completely attached to the computer.

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How To Fix Brother Printer Network Setup Error?

This issue generally occurs while are trying make an attempt to add network printers and then it is found that they are not properly connected to home network and set to share printers. Another reason of this issue is due to compatibility problems and it happens when the printer device is not compatible with the operating system. The third most reason can be due to unable to detect the installed printer in the device. Below are steps to fix Brother printer network setup error with appropriate explanation of each of them

Steps to troubleshoot Brother printer network setup error

Step 1: Following all guidelines appropriately

  • The very first step is to enable the Printer sharing’ option in your system.
  • So to enable this option one needs to go to the Control panel of the Windows operating system and then right click on the ‘Printers setting’ icon.
  • Users will be presented with multiple options to choose from the sharing in the generated window. To easily work with the network printer in the local network, set an IP address for the printer. Get the proper information about the details of the Brother HL-2070N printer before you start setting up your network.

Step 2: Compatibility issues should be resolved

  • The second most essential step is to ensure the compatibility issue of the Brother printer before you begin with the installation process. If you find that the system is unable to detect the printer then, one needs to make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is turned on completely.
  • Now the next step is to remove viruses from the PC before you start the installation process of the printer driver.
  • Now, ensure that all the cables and connectors are properly connected to the printer over network.

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How to Setup & Install Brother Printer Driver in Ubuntu?

This tutorial will teach the users to setup & install Brother Printer driver in Ubuntu. The printer drivers for the Brother Printer are easily available in the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is a highly popular Linux operating system. For more information, contact Brother Printer tech support at +1-844-828-5593.

The steps to install, setup & configure Brother Printer driver in Ubuntu are given below:

  • First connect your Brother printer to your PC via a USB cable. After that, switch on your printer.
  • Sometimes it is essential to add a scanner or printer to computer by application Printers method. Actually the application printer already has the printer driver, but first you have to signify the printer.
  • Therefore use the search box in your menu to launch the application printers. It is available for all the versions of Ubuntu.


Click the Add button in the printers and performs the following steps offered by it. If there is some problem due to the non availability of Brother Printer driver in Ubuntu then do the steps given below. If you want to manually install the printer driver then it is not difficult.  The Brother Printer has provided a Driver Install Tool for which they have provide a generic script for install. By using this tool you can install the drivers for printer as well as scanner.

The steps are given below:

  • Visit the download section of the Brother Printer website. Here search for your printer model.
  • From the “OS Family” you need to select Linux. For the version of the OS you need to choose Linux (deb). Now click on the search button.
  • The next step is to download the linux-brprinter-installer. Save the file in a folder after the download.
  • Launch a terminal window.

Now run the following commands:

  • cd downloads && gunzip –v ~/Downloads/linux-brprinter*
  • Press the enter button.
  • Sudo bash ~/Downloads/linux-brprinter*
  • Press enter and input your password.
  • Now follow the tips given by the installer script.
  • For example for a Brother printer DCP-7065DN, you need to type:

DCP-7065DN. Restart your computer.

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