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7 Technical Ways To Fix “Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline” Without Any Hassle

Brother printer is an outstanding scanning device that is popular for its extensible feature and extraordinary functionalities. Moreover, it has the capability to generate multiple copies without compromising the output quality. Besides its incredible features, you can face the Brother printer offline issue. Therefore, you won’t be able to scan the copies without fixing this severe issue. However, we are going to talk about the steps to overcome the Brother Printer keeps going offline problem efficiently.

Significant Causes for “Brother Printer not Responding” Problem

Lots of reasons are responsible to create the Brother printer technical conflicts. Though those are the common issues, all the critical issues involved in this hassle damage the printer device without notifying.

  1. The connection between the printer and the PC creates the Brother printer offline issue.
  2. Wrong printer setup or installation error causes the Brother scanner won’t recognize the PC like an annoying issue.
  3. Spooler issue or dynamic IP sometimes fail to scan and shows the annoying message, “Brother Printer keeps going offline”.
  4. Outdated printer firmware is unable to recognize the device and shows different printer error codes.

Resolve the “Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline” Issue with Technical Ways

There are some of the technical ways to fix the Brother Printer keeps going offline issue permanently. Moreover, it helps to enhance the performance of that scanner and improve the print quality as well.

Check Printer and Connection Status

  1. Make sure that the Brother printer is turned on and check whether the cable used to connect the device to the printer is not defective.
  2. Now, verify the USB port is not damaged or not. If it is found, then repair it immediately to avoid the connection error.
  3. In the case of the wireless Brother printer, you might check whether the WiFi signal is steady or not. If it fluctuates then contact your ISP to fix it the network issue immediately.

Set the Brother Printer as Default Scanner

  1. Type “control” in the search box and hit the Enter key to open the Control Panel window on the display.
  2. Now, click on the Devices and Printers option and launch the Printers setup window by double-tapping on it.
  3. Here, you can see multiple hardware which is attached to your device and click on the Printers option.
  4. If you have installed multiple printers, then you can see them in a list format. Select the Brother printer from here and right-click on it.
  5. Now, click on the Set as default from the appeared menu on the screen. Now, close the active window and try to scan the hard copies.

Re-Install the Brother Scanner

  1. Type “devicemngr” in the search box and hit the Enter key to launch the Device Manager window.
  2. Here, you can see a list of installed hardware devices. Choose the Devices and Printers from that list and expand it.
  3. Now, choose the Brother device and right-click on it.
  4. Select the option Uninstall Device and you are asked to confirm it by showing a dialog box on the screen.
  5. Next, confirm the uninstallation process by tapping the YES button and when done, it will start to reboot automatically.
  6. After that, double-tap on the browser icon and open the browser window. Now, type the Brother Printer Official URL and hit the Enter key or tap the Search button.
  7. Then, download the latest version of the Brother printer Software and save it on the desktop.
  8. After that, run the Brother printer installer file and install it properly. Now, check whether the Brother printer offline issue persists or not.

Continue with Online Scanning Process

  1. Again, open the Devices and Printers from the Control Panel window.
  2. Now, right-click on your Brother Printer model and choose the option See what’s printing from the pop-up menu.
  3. After that, Click on Printer from the next window and choose the option Open as Administrator from the appeared menu items.
  4. Again, tap on the Printer option and verify whether the Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline is selected or not. If it is enabled, then remove the tick for that option and disable it.
  5. Close the window and check whether the Brother printer is back online or not.

Clear and Reset Spooler

  1. Type “services.msc” in the search box and hit the Enter key to open the Services window.
  2. Now, click on the Standard tab from the next window and choose the Print Spooler from the list of devices. Now, double-click on it and enable that service.
  3. Click the Stop button and select the OK  button to confirm it.
  4. Now, enter “%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers”, select %WINDIR%\system32\spool\PRINTERS” in the search box and delete all the files in this folder.
  5. Close the window and again open the Services window. Then, double-tap on the Printer Spooler and click on the Start.
  6. Now, modify it as Automatic in the Startup Type box and choose the OK button to complete the setup.
  7. Finally, close the Brother printer setup window and restart the printer to check whether the Brother printer keeps going offline issue is resolved or not.

Verify IP Type and its Validity

  1. Again, choose the Brother printer device from the Device Manager window and right-click on the printer device.
  2. Now, choose the Printer Properties option from the pop-up menu and click on the Ports tab from the resultant window.
  3. Next, you might choose a static IP which you want to use for the Brother printer.
  4. Tap on the Configure Port after selecting the correct port and verify whether the port name & address are used correctly corresponding to your device.
  5. Then, remove the tick from the SNMP Enabled option to disable it.
  6. Finally, click on the Save changes and exit from the window by tapping the Close button. Now, check whether the Brother printer is working properly or not.

Note: You must avoid the WSD port and reduce the risk of the Brother printer issue.

Upgrade Brother Printer Firmware

  1. Open the Brother Printer Official website and type the Printer model name into the search box. Now, click on the Search button or hit the Enter button.
  2. After that, choose the Operating System version from the Downloads page and hit the Search button.
  3. Next, scroll down until you locate the printer firmware and select the Firmware Update Tool.
  4. Hit “Agree to the EULA and Download button” at the bottom of the screen and wait until the download process is done.
  5. Now, follow wizard screen instructions and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Summing Up

In the above article, we have discussed the process of how to overcome the Brother printer keeps going offline issue. Moreover, we have defined the significant issues that are responsible for this annoying issue. So, we hope this content will be helpful to tackle the Brother printer problem technically and permanently.


How to clear Out of Paper messages in Brother Printer?

Brother printers captured the top spot in the world market in terms of printing quality. It is one of the feature rich printers available in the market. After all, it’s an electronic product, and therefore, not immune to glitches. Similarly, Brother Printer is not an exception. Out of Paper messages in Brother Printer is one such error that is most common in nature with the printer. Although, it’s nothing like you can’t fix this issue, following simple steps will give you a long-term relief from the problem. However, if anything goes south, you can connect with our Brother Printer Support team and resolve the issues then and there.

Possible Ways to Resolve Out of Paper messages in Brother Printer:

There are a number of ways you can fix this issue, You can contact Brother Customer Support Service, but to be particular, these are the ways you can try to resolve the issue on your own. All these methods are tested, so you can try it, but a minimum technical knowledge required. Although, if you find it difficult to play around with the technical things, get in touch with our professional team.

So, let’s get into the solutions…

  • Refill Paper Tray

First thing, you need to check if the paper tray has enough paper to print. Sounds silly? No its not! I have seen people doing that, so you may want to check the tray and then fill the tray. After that try printing, you will not face the same problem.

  • Remove The Paper

Sometimes, due to paper jamming, you may face this issue. So, this time you need to remove the paper from the tray and shut down the printer. Wait for few minutes and then turn on the printer and load the paper and try printing. This time you should not face this issue.

  • Reinstall Paper Tray

Due to the paper tray displayed on the LCD if it’s not properly installed then you may face this issue. In that case, you need to reinstall the paper tray. After that restart your printer, then try printing.

Grab 24*7 Brother Printer Tech Support Number For Immediate Solutions:

If the Out of Paper messages in Brother Printer issue still recurs, Call our Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-828-5593. Here we offer a hand to hand information to get the issue resolved. Other than that, our support team will also guide you which solution will be better. Call now, avail this opportunity to make you free from stress.

How to Fix Brother Printer Manual Feed Error

How to Fix Brother Printer Manual Feed Error?

Brother Printer Manual Feed Error is a typical printer configuration error. Get connected with Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-828-5593 to know more about such printer issues. To fix Brother Printer Manual Feed Error, you need change the settings of your printing device.

Manual Feed Error in general appears when if the paper source in the program is set to manual feed or MP tray. Sometimes if the paper size is set to custom or special size, this error code may appear. There are several other reasons which boost this error. If the printed document is created as letter or mailing format, you get this error. The main reason behind this error is the setup rules in the wizard that was created during printer setup. The document tends to print as per rule and get struck in the manual feed error.

Effective Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Manual Feed Error:

There are many way through which you can get rid of this error. Such type of errors can be frustrating as user cannot detect the true nature of the error. Brother HL-2170W printers are in normal affected by this error more. Here you can find the most appropriate way to get to the roots of the error. Connect with Brother Printer Customer Care Service for more reliable information.

Go through the down mentioned steps to isolate this error in lesser span of time:

Solution 1: Clearing of the Error Message

  • First of all, you need to open the printer folder. The process may vary as per your Windows OS. Open your Brother Printer folder depending on the Windows OS you are using.
  • Next you need to open the Print Queue.
  • To do so, you need to right click on the Brother Printer Driver followed by choosing “See what’s printing”.
  • Now cancel all the print jobs by clicking on Printers and then on “Cancel All Documents”.
  • Click on Specific Job to delete only highlighted print jobs. The click on Cancel button after clicking on Documents.
  • To clear the queue, click on Yes option.
  • Now right click on Brother Printer Driver followed by clicking on Printing Preferences.
  • Now verify that the paper source section is not listed under MP Tray or Manual for first page as well as other pages.
  • Next you need to put paper in Manual Feed Tray to let the printing process complete.
  • If the error still occurs, you need to cycle the power. It will help you to clear out the message.
  • As the message is cleared, you need to follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Set Default Paper Source

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on File or Page Layout.
  • Now click on Page Setup followed by clicking on Paper source or Paper option.
  • Make sure the first page and other pages are not listed under MP tray or Manual. Choose another source Tray 1 and thus click on Ok.
  • Next you need to click on Tools to select Envelopes and Labels. Thus click on Mailings Tab.
  • Now click on Option after clicking on Envelopes. And then you need to choose the Printing Option tab.
  • Make sure that the MP tray or Manual option is not selected. Choose Tray 1 and then click on OK.
  • Click on Labels tab while making sure that MP tray or Manual option is not selected. Choose tray 1 followed by clicking on Ok option.
  • Now close the Envelopes and Label configuration window.

Solution 3: Set the Default Paper Size

  • Click on File after opening Microsoft Word.
  • Now click on Page layout followed by clicking on Page Setup.
  • Next click on the paper Size tab while setting the paper size as custom.
  • And then finally click on Ok to start the printing process again.

Dial Brother Printer Customer Service Number for 24*7 Comprehensive Supports:

If the error recurs, call at Brother Printer Customer Service Number for immediate result. Here you can 24*7 comprehensive customer supports under professional guidance. We keep our in-house solution ready for instant and quick technical support. Any Brother Printer related queries are taken care of by our team with utmost priority. We aim to resolve minor to critical queries through diagnosed process. Hence make a call in the toll free number now to get customized solution at desk.


How to Fix Brother Printer 0x000003eb Error?

Brother Printer 0x000003eb error is an installation error. It typically appears during installation or using printer, especially after Windows upgrade or reinstall. To fix Brother Printer 0x000003eb error, try these down mentioned two solutions.

The 0x000003eb error is a connectivity or installation error. The error code in general appears with an error message. It displays “Unable to install printer. Operation could not be completed”. Most people might freak out seeing such errors. But you must know that there are several solution available in the internet for this error.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer 0x000003eb Error:

This is one of the most general errors that bug Brother Printer. So our Brother Printer Technical Support team has been prepared for such occasions. Go through the solutions in the blog to get rid of this error effectively.

Solution1: Starting of Printer Spooler Service:

If the printer spooler service stops for some reason, this problem might occur. Start it, to fix the issue right away.

  • To open a run dialog box, press Windows key + R together.
  • Type “services.msc” in the opened run dialog box and thus click on OK
  • Look for Sprint Spooler in the list and double click on it. A properties dialog box will pop up.
  • Click on Start button, if the “service status” is off and set it as Automatic. After doing so, click on OK button and save the changes.
  • Reboot or restart your device so that the changes can take place.

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Solution2: Deletion of Printer Key and updating the drivers

Sometimes this error also happens due to conflict between driver and devices. To fix this error, you need to remove some registry entries after backing up the files first.

Stop “Starting of Printer Spooler Service”, then follow the below steps:

  • Delete contents from the below folders: C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers and C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86.
  • To open a run dialog box, press Windows key + R together.
  • Type “regedit” in the opened run dialog box and thus click on OK
  • The Registry Editor will pop up and delete files that are associated with the conflict.
  • Start Print Spooler again and Restart you system to save changes.
  • Update printer with its latest version.

Dial Brother Printer Support Number for More Information:

Get in touch with Brother Printer Support Number to get rid of this error effectively. We are providing comprehensive tech support 24*7 to all our customers. Our technical team aims to impeccable service to make customer satisfied. Hence, connect with our customer support team now and avail professional result.


How To Fix Brother Printer Error 4F Unable to Print

Aside from the printer which comes with robotically cryptic message and not informing users about what the actual problem error 4F is, users won’t be able to rectify the problem. So, here the error 4F appears in the Brother printer which occurs when the device is unable to print message related to the print head, and it either has an electrical fault or is encountered with temperature error. Solutions are in wide number but not to get stuck in any bad situation, it’s fair enough to have advanced warning messages to prepare yourself for that bad news. Here we have effective steps to fix Brother Printer error 4F.  Other convincing reasons of this issue is that may be inks are completely blocked and as a result the print head nozzles are not functioning properly.  This may be due to low ink quality being inserted in the device.

we will definitely show you solutions to get rid of this error code but first the question here arises that do you get any ink cartridge message which says that it needs to be replaced or is it the case where you keep printing until the cartridge runs completely dry?

Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Error 4F Unable to Print

Solution 1:  The first and is the best method ever is to have a thorough check of the printer’s warranty. If you have less than a year warranty period then, just go to the Brother Printer Support professionals and get them to fix or replace the printer if needed

Solution 2: Fixing a temperature error

Check for the resistors if they are overheating? If so then, cool it down to fix the issue. Follow these steps to perform it;

Remove all of the ink cartridges from the printer device and gently clean up the contacts on the printer as well as on the cartridges. Unplug the printer device while leaving it at rest for 10 – 20 minutes. Plug in the printer and wait for the message to insert a new cartridges on the screen. Now, replace if any found, install all of the inks back in the printer. If still the issue persists then, the problem lies with the print head and there is a need to replace it.

Solution 3:  Check for any foreign objects if they are stuck inside

Sometimes foreign objects are the main cause of these kinds of issues that encounters due to dust particles, staples or paper that are lodged inside the machine and cause this error code to happen. So, here simply unplug the printer and check for any kind of defective print head. One can also work with the air duster to gently blow any objects from inside the printer completely.

Solution 4: Unfortunately if all the above solutions did not seem to be working out then, replacing all of the damaged parts are needed.

Connect to technical team at Brother Printer Customer Support Number to resolve issues

We are available 24 hours for users at Brother Printer Customer Support to help us assist users by delivering them all possible solution at their desk. Solutions are matched according to industry trends as per as users’ need. Our team is assisted by skilled and competent technicians who hold deep knowledge about minute issues and solve them from the core. So, come and explore our world-class service now before it’s too late to have.


How To Fix Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error?

The Sleep Time setting in Brother printer helps the device to reduce the power consumption. While the printer device is in the Sleep mode or one can also call it as “Power Save mode. The action which is performed by this method is simply to receive data as well as start an operation to wakes up the printer device from its “Sleep state to Ready mode”. But when this is not working properly, the result may lead to “sleep mode error”. Here are steps to fix Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error.

Steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting Error

Here we will only discuss steps that are performed in Windows system.

Step 1: Choose how long the device should be idle
Users at first need to choose till how long the device should be idle before it gets diverted into Sleep mode. At the time when your machine receives a computer data or even generates a copy, the timer will automatically get into reset process.

Step 2: Choose the settings icon

Now, from the menu bar of an application, you are requested to click the “File => Print” icon. Do perform a thorough check of the printer name and then, click the “Properties” icon. Tap the “Advanced tab” and then click the “Other Print Options” icon. Users are now requested to choose the “Sleep Time under Printer Function” and then click the type of settings which you wish to set for the “Sleep time” option.
Step 3: Working with the “Intelligent Sleep Mode”

This is a setting which automatically adjusts to the most appropriate timeout setting based on the frequency of the printer’s usage.

Step 4: Printer Default
Here, the settings will turn the printer directly to the Sleep mode while there are specific time absolutely set at the factory passes without any data received after the printer has started printing the last job. Now, the timeout setting will be automatically reset to the specific time set at the factory section.

Step 5: go for “Manual” guidelines
The setting will turn the printer directly into the “Sleep mode” when the time will pass without receiving data after the printing job has been completed. Type the appropriate time in the box or simply press the “Up or Down” arrow to set the time. The printer will turn into the “Sleep mode” automatically now.

Call us at Brother Printer Support Number to resolve issues faster

Reach us at Brother Printer Support Number to get your issues solved faster. We are available for users 24*7 hours to assist them with all possible solutions available at our end. Call us anytime whenever faced with complex issues related to Brother Printer problem. Our solutions are exceptionally advanced to experience.


How To Fix Brother Printer Network Setup Error?

This issue generally occurs while are trying make an attempt to add network printers and then it is found that they are not properly connected to home network and set to share printers. Another reason of this issue is due to compatibility problems and it happens when the printer device is not compatible with the operating system. The third most reason can be due to unable to detect the installed printer in the device. Below are steps to fix Brother printer network setup error with appropriate explanation of each of them

Steps to troubleshoot Brother printer network setup error

Step 1: Following all guidelines appropriately

  • The very first step is to enable the Printer sharing’ option in your system.
  • So to enable this option one needs to go to the Control panel of the Windows operating system and then right click on the ‘Printers setting’ icon.
  • Users will be presented with multiple options to choose from the sharing in the generated window. To easily work with the network printer in the local network, set an IP address for the printer. Get the proper information about the details of the Brother HL-2070N printer before you start setting up your network.

Step 2: Compatibility issues should be resolved

  • The second most essential step is to ensure the compatibility issue of the Brother printer before you begin with the installation process. If you find that the system is unable to detect the printer then, one needs to make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is turned on completely.
  • Now the next step is to remove viruses from the PC before you start the installation process of the printer driver.
  • Now, ensure that all the cables and connectors are properly connected to the printer over network.

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Connect to Brother Printer Support Number for all types of related queries

Call our technicians at Brother Printer Customer Support Number to help us solve your problems in fraction of seconds. We are backed by a team of exceptionally qualified technicians who holds sound knowledge in fixing up all types of Brother Printer technical faults by delivering the most suitable answers ever.

Printer Keeps Going Offline Error

How To Fix Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline Error?

Printers are used to print documents, photos, brochures, and many more tasks. But these tasks can come into halt when the printer keeps going in offline mode. The error usually occurs when a command creates an error on the printer by preventing all future printing jobs that are needed to perform by users. The error usually occurs when the printer gets stuck, making it impossible to print by users. Other reasons may occur if the printer driver gets corrupted due to virus attacks or any other malware present in the system.  Well, there are ways to Fix Printer Keeps Going Offline Error by following all appropriate steps.

Steps to troubleshoot Fix Printer Keeps Going Offline Error

Step 1: Deleting print jobs

  • It is quite possible that something is stuck inside which is restricting users to perform the print jobs and as result it leads to printer go in offline mode on repeated basis. To solve this issue, please remove all the current print jobs. This can easily be done by double clicking on the ‘Printer’ icon.
  • The next thing is to select the option ‘Cancel All Documents’ and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Remove all corrupted drivers

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  • To solve the corrupted driver issue, one needs to restart the computer first. If the printer does not work then, simply uninstall all existing ones and then, reinstall a new one.
  • Now all your issues regarding the printer offline mode will be solved by simply reinstallation of the driver made by you.
  • Since, viruses are the main reason for making all your drivers corrupted, this issue should be solved immediately. Installation of a good virus software is always recommended for users by technicians.

Dial us at Brother Printer Support Number to resolve all types of Brother printer faults

Get in touch with us at Brother Printer Customer Support Number to fix all your technical glitches at a go. We are available for users 24*7 hours a day to bring them world-class support solutions in fraction of seconds. Our team is engrossed by talented pool of skilled technicians who are always a step ahead in resolving all critical issues.



How to Fix Brother Printer Check Paper Error ?

This is the most common issue faced by users while they are trying to  turn of the printer for the first time and it clearly defines that your printer has encountered as severe issues while working with it and on the other hand you will find that the printer is completely damaged. Most probably it calls for a serious action just to set a little tray in order to remove this message completely from the device. Let’s see now that various steps to fix Printer Check Paper Error in Brother Printer with detailed explanation of each step.

Steps to troubleshoot the Printer Check Paper Error in Brother Printer

Step 1: Perform a check for a printer paper

  • We all know that the printer has a paper which says that users are supposed to put the paper and then check for availability of paper in the tray. It will now draw the tray from the Brother printer and it is always advised for users to must have a check of the size of paper they are currently putting. There is an every possibility that the paper is not at all fitting into the tray configuration accurately

Step 2: Configuration of the paper

  • And now, since the tray is just out of the printer, the next step is simply to configure the the type of paper properly which is to be printed to avoid getting this issue on repeated basis.
  • Perform a check whether the paper tray is starting to the print the documents accurately or not and whether it is able to catch all pages.

Step 3: Fit the tray

  • Now, see whether the paper which you need to print is accurately fixed just to see the space so whether paper tray fits in a better way. The tray comes with definite numbers that are used to carefully select the type of paper, adjusting the tray to the type of paper printed.

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Get in touch at Brother Printer Support Number for resolving issues faster

We encourage users to get in touch with our technicians at Brother Printer Customer Support Number and get all your problems related to Brother printer instantly. Our team of expert technicians is always ready to assist users in fixing their complex to complex problems with the most advanced answers ever.


How to Fix Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10?

The Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10 means this device cannot start (Code 10)” to “Operation failed” or “The requested operation failed“.  Well, many users have reported encountering the same issue, while disconnecting, reconnecting, and uninstalling the printer from the Control Panel.

Even, uninstalling their Brother Printer drivers using the drive un-installation utility is available at Brother Printer official website. Then don’t take tension about it, you can easily Fix Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10, just by following the troubleshooting steps which are given below.

Troubleshoot Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10 With Easy Hacks

Brother printers are extremely popular for its user-friendly designs. However, like every electronic gadget, it also has some shortcomings. Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10 is one of the many shortcomings of this printer. If you are one who is also facing the USB Composite Device Error, no need to feel frustrated. This article contains step by step guidance to help you solve the bug on your own. But in order to solve the problem, you have to understand the nature of the problem properly.                      

When does USB Composite Device Error Code 10 occur?

USB composite devices work as a connecting peripheral between two or more device; here your printer and computer. If it fails to detect the printer then it will give you an error message, Error code 10 is one of them.

USB composite error mostly occurs when your USB device stops working or accidentally disconnects. Such problems can occur at any time when you are using your Brother printer.

Know More About USB Composite Device Error

When USB Composite Device Error occurs it produces error messages like “operation failed” or “The requested operation failed”. This means that the device is failing to start.

This type of error mostly occurs due to faulty cables or USB Composite Device driver. The problem can for malware attacks.

How to Solve USB Composite Device Error

No matter what problem you are facing with your device, it is essential to fix the bug right away. To solve your USB composite error you can follow the steps below.

  • Check the network connection cables- Firstly, check your cable connection because this error code can occur due to a faulty cable connection.
  • Update the Firmware- You should update your Brother printer firmware by downloading it from a reliable source.
  • Update USB composite driver from device manager- You may face the error due to an outdated version of your composite device driver, update it and see if the problem is fixed.
  • Restart your computer- You can try restarting your PC to fix the problem. Rebooting your system often fixes issues helping you to resume your work.
  • Run the troubleshoot-You can always make use of the Windows Troubleshooter tool to diagnose the problem.

Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer USB Composite Device Error Code 10:-

Solution 1:- Check Cable Connection

Firstly, you should try to verify your Brother Printer connection, which you are using, in order to meet the required specifications and connections. So, please check the cable that is connected properly under the main cover in the correct socket marked with a USB symbol.

Solution2:-Update the Firmware

You should try to update your Brother printer’s firmware. It can be a little difficult, at the time when your computer refuses to recognize it as a USB Composite Device and not a printer.

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Follow these steps to fix it.

  • Go to the official Brother website, and then switch the “Downloads” section.
  • Then search your Brother printer using its model number or select your Brother Printer Product category.
  • Next, choose your Brother Product series.
  • Then choose your Brother Printer’s model number in the page when the pops up appear.
  • Once you forward the Downloads page, then download your specific Brother Printer, and select your OS version (Windows or Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64 bit)) and then hit on “Search” button.
  • Underneath the “Firmware” section, you have to tap on the “Firmware Update” Tool.
  • Then the window pops up, so you need to tap on your preferred language.
  • Hit on the “Agree” button and then the “Firmware Update Tool” will start downloading automatically.
  • Once your Firmware Update Tool downloaded has been successful, then you will need to launch it.

In this way, you can easily update Firmware for your Brother Printer.

In any case, you have any doubt or problem with the above steps, then you will require to connecting with the Brother Tech Support experts to get help.

Dial +1-844-828-5593 Brother Customer Support Number To Avail the Online Help:-

Brother Printer Support

You can feel free contact at Brother Printer Support Number to urgent connecting with our Brother Customer support experts in order to receive fast and quick solutions to fix it. The technicians are very dedicated and helpful in resolving the immediate any kind of Brother Printer technical issues or errors. Hence, the number is toll-free and available 24×7 days to give customer’s assistance. Hence, connect with techies now and get effective solutions & services into Brother Printer’s technical problems in a short time.

Get The Expert Solution From Our End

Hope you have already fixed your bug after following the troubleshooting guide. But if you still can’t fix your Brother printer bug, there can be something wrong with your device. If you need expert assistance, you can simply connect our world-class technicians at our Brother support center. You can choose from three options to reach us. You can Mail us at our Brother printer support ID, just remember to discuss the problem in brief. Also, you can Call us at our Brother printer support number or avail of our live chat facility to get solutions to any Brother printer related bug at any time. Now stay connected with our world-class technicians all the time at an affordable cost.