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Brother Inkjet printers are widely used by many user because of its great quality printing but some times user may face some error codes and issues while doing work with printer. These error codes may be of different types
We have put together some are the most common Brother Inkjet Printer Error codes with an explanation of what they mean and how you can eliminate those error if occur while working with brother printer


Error: E50

Explaination :Malfunction of fuser unit

What to do:Switch the machine off for 5 minutes and then back on again.

Error: E54

Explaination :Malfunction of main motor:

What to do: Replace the toner unit but if error persists the main motor will                       need replacing.

Error: E51

Error Code:Malfunction of laser unit:

What to do: laser safety flap may be defective and need to replace

Error: E60

Error Code:Malfunction of fan

What to do:which fan is faulty and replace it.

So such types of error will occur and you will definitely replace those error
or you can contact to our Brother Customer Service number +1800-610-6962.

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