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How to Reset Brother printer Ink Level

How to Reset Brother printer Ink Level?

The printer is the new technology electronic device that helps in improving your work and business. As technology is being updated, printers are also updated in its way of connection, quality, and Efficiency. Brother printers are the most trusted device with a vast user-base. The unique printing features that it avails makes it user-friendly.

Every electrical device has certain flaws. Brother printers also come up with various errors or problems that are making users unhappy. Ink cartridge is one of the common errors that you might confront while using a printer. This affects your ink level and thus generate low-quality prints. The best solution is to Reset Brother printer Ink Level.

Why need to rest the ink level of your printer?

Often you might notice that the ink cartridge is empty even if there is enough ink to print a page. And the printer does not allow you to perform the printing task until you replace the cartridge or rest the ink level. Sometimes you also have to reset the ink level to make your printer recognize the new cartridge.

How do Reset the Ink Level in a Brother printer?

Follow the steps given below that will help you to reset the ink level patiently.

  1. Find the small metal contact tabs which is located on the side of the Brother ink cartridge.
  2. Now find the small pins on the side of your universal chip resetting device.
  3. Press the pins on the resetter to the metal contacts on the cartridge and hold them together for a few seconds.
  4. Hold the cartridge and the chip resetting device together until you see the green light blink on and off several times.

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How to Resolve Brother Connection Failed Error ts 04?

Facing trouble with your Brother machine? Call Brother Printer Technical Support Number +1-844-828-5593 for an immediate fix for your brother connection failed error ts 04. Accordingly, Go through this blog and try the mentioned solutions. If the solutions do not work, feel free to get in touch with us immediately.

The multifunction wireless Brother machine often suffers. From Brother connection failed error ts 04 that is beyond easy repairing. However, If you’re also facing similar trouble while connecting the device, then you should try some proven methods to fix the issue You can do the needful by accessing its IP address.  Making it work with expert resolutions. However, before that, you need to figure out what exactly is wrong with your device.

Still, Another trouble arises when the machine fails to connect with updated versions of Windows. Thus it requires some quick ways to fix this up by Brother Printer Repair Service

For that, check out the below mentioned possible causes for the error-

  • Unable to detect the SSID
  • Failed to connect with an ethernet cable
  • Reset the printer network settings

Effective Solution To Fix The Brother Connection Error ts 04?

Forever, One trusted way to fix this brother connection failed error ts 04.By trying out the menu command of 7-2-2 of the wireless LAN router. This should resume the application back to the original. Or you may require some more advanced setup to resolve the issue.

  • Check if your router is using WEP for encryption and select options to open the system for authentication purpose by choosing the shared key.
  • Try to reboot the router and firmware with the help of hardwiring your printer.
  • You can simply be unplugging the router as one of the first solutions.

Try these steps too-

  • Power on the router and connect it to an access point
  • Secure connection to the internet
  • Keep the distance between WLAN and router as close as possible and distance may interrupt the server network
  • Affirm the MAC address by accessing the configuration list of network
  • Try the setup wizard by accessing the control panel
  • Enter the security details and SSID manually
  • Securely configure the wireless settings and get access to the network server

Still, All these steps are a part of preliminary checking the network hurdles and the causes for which brother connection failed error ts 04 may arise.

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