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Brother Wireless Printer Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

In this fast pacing world of digital and technological advancement, printers are an essential device. By means of a  printer, you can easily print endless documents in no time. Besides this, the printers that come with scanners are all the more useful. In recent years, in fact, there has been a lot of innovative developments with respect to printers. In this light, Brother printers are indeed celebrated and duly recognized for its exquisite features and innovation-core product design. Modeled with top-build technologies and stand out features, the Brother printers are an epitome of innovative excellence. However, in, case you are not that familiar with the setup process of the Brother Printer, you won’t be able to make the best use of it.  Therefore in this article, we shall offer you a detailed transcript of the Brother Wireless Printer Setup process

Brother Wireless Printer Setup: Know How

We understand that if you are new to the world of technology and not entirely conversant with its know-how, then setting up your Brother Wireless Printer might be quite a difficult task. Nonetheless, you don’t need to panic over this. Our article is going to assist you enough. Under this section, we are going to guide you through the entire setup procedure of the Brother Wireless Printer. So shed away your doubts and follow our article thoroughly.

First things first

Before you proceed on with the Brother Wireless Printer Setup process, there are certain things that you must consider. For instance, prior to setting up your Brother Printer, you must ensure that you have access to the Wireless network settings for your router. For this, you must locate the Wireless Network Settings of your access point. Therefore, you must check and take note of the same. Besides this, you also need to get hold of the following information.

You must get hold of your Network Name. Note that the network name is termed as the ESSID  or SSID.

Also, you must find out your Network Key. Essentially speaking, the Network key is basically the password you use. Besides, it is also known as the Security Key or Encryption Key.

In case you find it difficult to find out the Network name and the password, you can search for the same at the side of your access point or the wireless router. You can also check out the documentation attached to your access point or the router. After you have derived the detailed information, check them out thoroughly prior to moving on to the process of Brother Wireless Printer Setup.

A Thorough Guide to the Brother Wireless Printer Setup

As soon as you have successfully derived all the necessary information regarding the Wireless Network Settings of your access point, proceed to the Brother Wireless Printer Setup. In order to do so, you got to execute the following steps.

Step 1

First and foremost, you will have to plug in your Brother Printer and connect it to the power socket and click the “Menu” button of your Brother Printer’s Control Panel. Following this, you will have to click on the Up arrow key or else, the Down arrow key in order to choose the network. After that press on the OK button.

Step 2

On completion of the step mentioned above, you got to press on the Up or else the Down arrow key in order to choose the WLAN and hit the OK button. Then, you will have to select the Setup Wizard and in order to do it, you will again have to click on the Up or Down arrow key. Once clicked, again press the OK button.  

Step 3

On successful execution of the instructions cited above, an option entitled as “WLAN Enable?” will get displayed before you. And as and when the option pops up, you will simply have to press the Yes button in order to enable the Wireless Network. The moment you click on the Yes button, the process of Wireless Wizard Setup is going to get initiated instantaneously.

Step 4

As soon as you do this, your printer device is going to search for the available network connections. Also, your printing machine will display the list of available networks to you. Therefore, when the list of available network pops up, you simply need to click on the Up or Down arrow key and choose your own SSID or network name.

Step 5

Once you are done, you got to insert the network Key, that is, your password, in case you are availing the Encryption or Authentication method. Thereafter, press the OK button in order to apply the Settings. And lastly, click on the Yes button in order to confirm your action.

Step 6

Now, if the Authentication Method is set to Open System while your Encryption Mode accounts to None, then you got to move on to the next step.

On successful completion of the entire process, your Brother Printer will get connected to the Wireless Network.

Once you have successfully performed the connection process, you are done with your Brother Wireless Printer Setup. Also, your printer is connected successfully.

Install  and Download the Software of your Printer

After successfully setting up the Brother Printer, you are just left to install and download the driver of your printer. And if you are are using the Windows Version, then the process is pretty simple. You will just have to visit the official website of the Brother Printer. Then, reach out to the Download page and get the “Full Driver & Software Package” downloaded. You should follow the downloading instructions thoroughly to execute the process successfully.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup: An Alternative Procedure

If the abovementioned Brother Wireless Printer Setup process seems too difficult, you can as well undertake an easy alternative methodology for the same. Take a glance at the instructions that follow.

If your Brother Printer is equipped with the USB cable, then you simply need to connect your printing machine with your PC by means of a USB cable and initialize the Internet Browser. Once this is done, you got to reach out to the official website and get the Printer Setup Wizard downloaded. Thereafter, put in the model number of your Printer and also choose your Product Listing. Then download your Printer Driver and launch the application.

Once you have launched the application, you will have to install and configure the settings of your Printer Driver.

On completion of the above step, you will have to add your Brother printer device to your PC.  And if you have a USB connection, then the printer will start printing instantly. You may print a  page In order to check whether your printer is printing properly and the Setup process is successfully executed.

After the successful execution of the Brother wireless printer setup, you need to successfully connect the same to the network. In order to do so, take a look at the steps listed hereunder:

First off, you must click on the Menu Key of your Brother Printer.

Then, reach out to the Network Wizard and search out for your chosen network. Select the Wireless Network of your choice and feed in your Password. And after you have successfully connected your Printer, you can easily print by means of a wireless router.

Parting Words

Now it’s time that we wind up. We hope the article proves helpful to you as we have attempted to offer you a thorough guide through the entire Brother wireless printer setup procedure. Thus take thorough note of all the steps we discussed so that you can execute the process without any hassle.