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How to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46?

Brother Printers are one of the most recognized and valued brands in the imaging and printing industry. Brother printers are widely used by millions of users all over the world. Although Brother printers are considered to be the finest of the lot with a composition of advanced hardware and software, they tend to malfunction due to frequent usage. One of the most common queries we have received recently is regarding the machine error Codes 46. With the help of the best set of experts, you will be able to Brother Printer Machine Error 46.

A glimpse at machine error 46:

Machine error 46 is displayed on a Brother printer when the absorber pad is full. The absorber pad is located at the bottom of the ink cartridge and soaks up the extra leaked and spilled ink from the printer. Once this gets saturated, your printer will display the error 46 message. In this write-up, we have discussed in detail about this error and the solutions have been enlisted.

Steps to fix Brother printer error code-46:

Our team of experts have diagnosed the issues minutely and they have come up with the most fantastic solution to fix machine error Codes 46 on Brother Printer. Apply the following solutions and get promising results:

  1. Shut down the printer and then disconnect it from the power source for the time being.
  2. Hold the “menu” or “start” button and plug in the printer to a power source to switch it on. This will initiate the maintenance mode in your Brother printer. Look at your printer screen which will flash “maintenance mode” or in this case simply “error 46.”
  3. In order to fix this error code, users will have to set the absorber pad counter to zero which due to some technical snag shows full. Thus, causing the machine error Codes 46 on brother Printer.
  4. For the printers with concrete number pads, type 80 to start the process and use the arrow Keys to navigate the options from the menu screen. Scroll down until you can see “purge” option along with a number on the screen.
  5. Enter 2783 and look at the screen. The number in front of purge will be set to zero after this. Now go back to the menu and close the settings
  6. Press 99 to exit the menu and restart your Brother printer

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