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How to Fix Brother Printer Error 46?

Brother printers are recognized for providing the finest quality printing and imaging services. It is widely used by millions of customers all over the world for its easy-to-use features. During its course of use, sometimes your printer machine tends to malfunctions. At this time, it displays error messages. One of the most common is Brother Printer Error 46. In order to troubleshoot this error on your printer, you can get in touch with us by connecting at our support number.

Brother printer displays this error message 46 when the “absorber pad” in it becomes full. In the printer, the absorber pad is located at the bottom of the ink cartridge. It soaks the spilled and extra leaked ink from the printer. If it gets saturated at once, it will display error message 46. As the absorber is designed to carry enough ink from the printer, it also depends on the number of times the printhead is cleaned. The printhead should be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid this issue.

Most of the time your printer cleans the printhead automatically or it gives you the warning to change the absorber pad. In case, it fails, it would show you this error. You can resolve this error by following a set of instructions carefully.

Troubleshooting steps for Error Code 46 on Brother Printers:

⦁    At first, enter into “Machine Maintenance” mode and work carefully in this mode without corrupting the settings

⦁    Press Menu key along with 2,8,6 and 4 numerical keys within 2 seconds

⦁    In the initial stage of maintenance mode, press 8 key and then 0 key. It will get the machine’s log information list.

⦁    Press the start key many times to move through this list and reach the purge counter

⦁    In the same order press 2,7, 8 and 3 keys to reset the purge counter to zero

⦁    Now, return to the initial stage of maintenance mode by pressing “Exit” key

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