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Brother Printer Duplex Not Working | Call Us For Instant Technical Fixes

The duplex printing allows you to take printouts on both the sides of a sheet automatically, thus saves your printing expense to some extent. So, if your Brother printer doesn’t allow duplex printing due to some technical error, it can affect your budget again. To know more about why your Brother Printer Duplex not Working, check out this article. Here, you can learn the reasons behind this issue of disabling the dual-side printing option. It will also help you to know some quick troubleshooting solution to resolve this printer defect. By following this article, you can enable duplex printing on Brother printer and print on both sides of the paper.

Brother Printer Duplex Not Working

Brother Printer Duplex Not Working|Probable Causes

The problem of Brother printer duplex not working can cause trouble, especially if you want to conserve pages. But the problem arises when this duplex printing option is not working anymore. So, if you are worried why your Brother printing machine is blocking this wonderful feature, check out the causes at first.

  • Some Brother printer customers are facing this error on their MacBook Pros and not on any other devices. The reason can be issues with Mac driver that doesn’t support dual side printing on pages.
  • You can even face this problem if using Brother printing machine in Windows 7 or Windows XP. The issue is related to the incompatible printer driver for these particular OS.
  • If you have recently updated to Mac OS 10.7.2 version, it can prevent duplex printout when the printer is connected to your system.
  • Many users are experiencing this issue after updating to Brother printer driver 2.8. Due to drivers related issues with this particular brand, it can disable the option of double-sided printing sometimes.
  • In case you have installed a third-party print service plugin along with the Brother printer software in your PC, both the programs can conflict and cause this issue.
  • If you have tried to take printouts from a corrupt folder on your smartphone or any other device, this dual side print out feature may not work properly.

Solutions To Fix Duplex Printing Problem In Brother Printer

If your Brother printer duplex not working in your PC, you can resolve this problem with simple fixes. So, check out these following solutions.

Solution 1 -Ensure Your Printer Have Duplex Feature Installed

If you want your printing machine to generate dual-sided printouts, always check if it has the duplex printing option enabled. Many Brother printers have this feature not installed correctly or totally missing. Hence, you must download or purchase drivers or software that enables the duplex feature in your printer.

Solution 2 -Update Brother Printer Driver Software On Your PC

The printer driver configuration settings are very important that allows printing on both the front and back of the pages. But, your device can block this feature due to outdated software. Hence, download and install the latest printer software to activate duplex printout option in your printing machine.

Solution 3 -Check The Page Setup and Paper Settings In Printer

Some Brother printer customers fail to check these minor details before printing including paper type and page setup settings. So, if the printer doesn’t have any technical or software issue, then ignoring these settings can block duplex printing. Hence, check the type of page under ‘Printer Settings’ and also confirm if the double-sided print option is ticked.

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You can experience Brother printer duplex not working due to software, hardware or device issues. If you are not a tech-savvy, then understanding the above solutions can be very difficult. Hence, you can avail Brother Printer Support experts to fix this printer problem.

To talk directly to our technical adviser and discuss duplex printout problems in detail. Call Brother Printer Support Number to mitigate your worries. You can also request for printer solutions through our email address or live chat portal facilities.