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How To Proceed With Brother MFC J615W Wireless Setup

Are you trying to establish a wireless connection between your printer and the router/access point? Brother MFC J615W wireless setup is very easy even if you are trying to install the printer for the first time.

But, before you begin the setup, you must have the network name (SSID) and network key (password) with you. To achieve optimum printing results, make sure you have placed the printer within the range of the router. 

If everything is set up accordingly, plug in the printer’s cord to a power source. Now, let’s move forward to the wireless setup for the printer.

Instructions for Brother MFC J615W Wireless Setup

There are mainly two methods by which you can connect the Brother MFC-J615W printer to a wireless network. The first one is the infrastructure mode, which can be performed using the printer’s control panel. Otherwise, you can select the second one using the WPS or AOSS mode.

Method 1: Configure Printer in Infrastructure Mode

This method will discuss the ways by which you can configure the wireless setup from the control panel of the printer. Take a look at the steps below to know how you could do that.

  • Press the Menu button and using the up and down arrow key, select “Network”. Hit OK after that.
  • Again, choose WLAN and press OK. Next, select “Setup Wizard” and tap OK.
  • After a moment, the screen will show “Network I/F switched to Wireless”. So, press OK.
  • Within a few seconds, all the available networks will be displayed. Now, choose the respective network to which you will connect the printer and hit OK.
  • If it asks for the network key, enter the password using the up and down arrow buttons. Make sure to press OK after that.

When the wireless connection is set up successfully, the screen will show the connection status and print a WLAN report. Hopefully, the Brother MFC J615W wireless setup is now complete. However, you can also try the alternative method discussed in the next section.

Method 2: Configure Printer in WPS Mode

Before you start this method, make sure your wireless router or access point has WPS or AOSS service. Apart from that, place the printer within the range of the router or access point for establishing an uninterrupted connection.

Push the WPS or AOSS button on your router or access point device. You can use a ballpoint pen or pin to push the button. After that, press the Menu button on the printer and choose “Network” using the up-down arrow keys. 

Press OK every time you select an option on the printer. Then go to “WLAN” and select the “WPS/AOSS” option. The LCD screen will show “Network I/F switched to Wireless” after a few moments. Press OK after that.

The printer will detect the WPS or AOSS mode of the router. After a certain time, the connection status will be displayed on the control panel as well. A WLAN report will be printed automatically after a 1-minute duration.

Install Brother MFC-J615W Driver in Your Computer

To use the features of the Brother printer after the setup, you have to install the corresponding driver. In that case, you must have the CD-ROM that comes with the package. Also, your computer is turned on in the Administrative mode.

For Windows Users

Put the CD-ROM into the respective drive of the computer and Windows will prompt a screen. So, complete the installation as per the instructions. If Windows does not prompt, you can directly go to the computer’s CD-Drive option and double-click on the “start.exe” to install the driver.

After the installation when the Brother screen will appear, click on “Install MFL-Pro Suite” and tap “Yes”. Choose “Wireless Network Connection” and hit the Next button. On the next screen, choose “Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. (Recommended)” and tap Next.

Move forward the to next steps by following the instructions and select your printer when a list will show up. Make sure to click on the Next button and then, it will ask you to restart the system.

For Mac Users

If you are a MAC user, make sure your PC is logged in as Administrative mode. Insert the CD-ROM into the respective drive and wait for the Brother installation screen to appear. Thereafter, click on the “Start Here OSX” icon to install the driver. 

Now, choose the “Wireless Network Connection” option and tap the “Next” button. After that, follow the remaining instructions mentioned for the Windows users.