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How To Perform Brother HL-L2300D Wireless Setup? Quick Steps

Setting up a wireless printer to a WiFi network is a crucial task. This is the first thing that you must perform after buying a wireless printer. Without a proper WiFi setup, your Brother printer won’t function at all.

If you own a Brother HL-L2300D printer and wondering how to set it up on WiFi, then don’t panic. Here, we will walk you through a detailed guide on how to perform a wireless setup on the Brother HL-L2300D printer.

What to do Before Executing Brother HL-L2300D Wireless Setup?

Before you begin with the actual wireless setup process, there are certain things that you must take care of. Without this, you cannot proceed with the WiFi setup for Brother HL-L2300D printers. 

  • First of all, make sure that you have set up your router and computer. If you haven’t, then establish the network first. Now, you need to know some crucial information about your network’s settings. 

  • Two vital information you will require for the wireless setup. So, you’ll require the Network’s name or SSID and the security key. You’ll find this information at the rear end of your router. 

After noting down the details, you can proceed with the Brother HL-L2300D wireless setup. 

Steps for Brother HL-L2300D WiFi Setup

With the SSID and the security key, you can begin the wireless setup process for your Bother HL-L2300D printer.

Step 1

Begin the setup by placing the printer as close to the router as possible. Make sure that there is a very little obstruction in between these devices. Now plug in the printer to a power source and switch it on. Thereafter, switch on the computer or laptop that you will connect to your Brother device. Make sure you’re logged into your device with Administrative rights.

Step 2

Now, insert the installation CD-ROM into the proper drive. This CD-ROM is usually provided with the printer by the manufacturer. However, if you don’t get one, you can download it from the official website of Brother. 

Here, we’re going to discuss the setup process both for Windows and Macintosh devices. So, let’s begin with the WiFi setup procedure on Windows devices. 

Step 3

When you insert the CD-ROM on your disc drive, you’ll find an installation screen pop up on your computer’s screen. Now, you need to choose the model of the printer and the preferred language.

Thereafter, click on the ‘Install Printer Driver’ option. When the ‘User Account Control’ screen comes up, click on the ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ button. Now, the License Agreement dialog box will appear on the screen. So, tap on the ‘Yes’ option and proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ option. Thereafter, tap on the ‘Next’ option. Locate the ‘Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer’ option and click on ‘Next’. The ‘Firewall/Antivirus Detected’ screen will now appear on your computer screen. 

Next, choose the ‘Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. (Recommended)’ option.

Jump on to step 5 and continue from there.

Note: If you’re a Macintosh user, then start by double-clicking on the Brother icon on the computer. Thereafter, double-click on the ‘Driver Download’ option. Now, click the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ and tap on the ‘Next’ option. 

Step 5

As the ‘Windows Device Setup’ window appears on the screen, click on ‘No, I don’t have a USB cable’. Then, click on the Next option. Also, click on the ‘Check and Confirmed’ option to confirm the action. Then, tap on the ‘Next’ option.

The SSID or your Network name will be now displayed on the screen. Click on the ‘Yes’ option and choose ‘Next’. After this, the ‘Enable Wireless’ screen will be displayed on the device. To enable wireless networking, you need to go to the Control Panel.

Now, press the WiFi button on the Brother printer and keep it on hold. Keep it on hold until the light starts to flash. When the wireless network gets connected to the printer, the WiFi indicator will become stable. Thus, you will finally complete the wireless setup process for the Brother HL-L2300D printer.

Step 6

In your computer, click on the ‘Connection: OK’ option and tap on the ‘Next’ button. Thereafter, choose the model of the Brother printer that you wish to set up with the wireless network. 

Tap on the ‘Next’ button. Go through the instructions shown on the screen to download the printer driver. 

After you set up the wireless connection, its necessary to install the driver software. Hence, whenever the download is completed, try to install the driver.

To sum up, performing the wireless setup of the Brother HL-L2300D printer is quite a simple process. So, follow the detailed steps mentioned above to successfully configure your printer to a WiFi network. 

People Also Ask

  1. Why is my Brother Printer not Connecting to WiFi?

First, restart the router and the Brother printer. Type the appropriate password for accessing your printer wirelessly. Now, use the WPS key to connect the printer with your router.

  1. How do I connect my Brother Printer to my Router?

At first, connect the Brother printer to an electrical socket and switch it on. Place the printer near the router and go to its Control Panel. Press the Menu button and use the Up and Down keys to choose the ‘Network’ option. Then press OK and click on the ‘WLAN’ option. Finally, go to the ‘Enable WLAN’ option and click on OK.