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Brother HL-5470dw Wireless Setup : [Quick Installation Guide]

Brother HL-5470dw Wireless Setup

Brother HL-5470 DW is a fast monochrome laser printer that offers advanced security features and delivers high-quality output. It supports Duplex printing and can print almost 40 pages in one minute. Moreover, you can use it either through USB, LAN or wirelessly. Thus, go through the following section to learn how to set up Brother HL-5470 DW on a wireless network.

How to Setup Brother HL-5470 DW Wirelessly

Before starting with the setup process, unpack your machine and check the components carefully. Thereafter, remove the packing tapes and materials from the machines. Next, go through the following steps. 

Step 1: Load Paper in the Paper Tray

At first, pull the paper tray out of the machine and press the green paper-guide to release the lever. Here, slide the paper guide to fit the paper of your preferred size. 

Make sure not to overload the paper tray with more than its capacity. Insert the paper carefully and then put the paper tray back in its place carefully.

Step 2: Install Ink Cartridges 

For the next step, take out the Ink Cartridge from the box and remove the orange protective sticker from it. Now twist the green lever of the orange protective packing in a clockwise direction.

It should be noted that the color of the lever should be similar to the cartridge color. Push the cartridge until it makes a ‘click’ sound. Close the cover after inserting the cartridges. Once done, check the Printing quality by pressing Go on your machine. Check if it is printed correctly or not.

Step 4: Driver Installation and Wireless Setup

Finally, you need to setup your wireless printer along with the printer driver installation. Hence, you should know your router’s SSID and password beforehand. Thereafter, go through the points given below to do so. 

  1. Insert the printer driver CD into your computer’s CD drive. Generally, this comes along with the printer itself. If you have misplaced it or cannot find it, then you can easily download the latest printer driver from the official website of Brother. 
  2. Thereafter, choose your printer’s model from the list and click on Next to start the installation process. 
  3. Here, select Wireless Network Connection and then click on Next. Thereafter, choose Peer to Peer Network Printer or Network Shared Printer.
  4. Next, select the machine from the list and then click on Next. This will now start the driver installation for you.
  5. Click on “Yes, I have a USB cable to use for Installation” and then on Next. Connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable temporarily. You can also choose the LAN option and connect the printer through a LAN cable. 
  6. After this, the setup wizard will start searching for available networks around you. Thus, choose your SSID from the list and click on Next.
  7. Then, confirm the wireless network settings by entering your router’s password and finish the installation process. 

Now, you can easily disconnect the USB cables from your computer and start using the printer wirelessly. For confirmation, you can print a test page to check if the printer is working or not. 


Finally, you can now start using Brother HL-5470dw printer on a wireless network by following the instructions provided above. Make sure that you have gone through all the steps correctly. If you were unable to set it up, then you need to start all over again.