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How To Install Printer With Brother HL-3170CDW? Quick Setup Guide

Modern printers are sophisticated devices. You cannot simply start operating them right after purchasing the printer. Every printer needs a proper set up to make it function smoothly. Now, setting up your printer correctly can be a very crucial task. 

Many users often get confused with the printer setup. They fail to set up their printers properly even with the help of the user guide or manual. As a result, they end up with a dead printer. If you own a Brother HL-3170CDW and want to set it up, we will provide a detailed quick guide here.

Brother HL-3170CDW Quick Setup Guide in Details

After purchasing a brand new Brother HL-3170CDW, you may not understand everything in it. In such a scenario, you can simply go through the following steps to carry out the printer setup quickly:

Step 1

First, unbox the printer. Make sure you have all the printer accessories present in the box. Every Brother printer usually comes with a CD-ROM, belt unit, toner cartridge, AC power adapter, and a drum unit. So, carefully check all the printer components, as every component is crucial for the printer to function.

Now, remove the tape that you’ll find attached to the printer. Then, open the front cover of the printer and move the yellow-colored drum locks towards the central portion. Thereafter, remove the drum as well as the toner cartridge assemblies from the Brother printer.

Step 2

You’ll find an orange-colored material located in the belt unit of the machine. You need to remove this thing. Also, take out the packing material from the toner and drum segments carefully. Once you’re done, place all the components back to its original place. 

However, before inserting the cartridge back, you must shake it well. This will allow the toner to spread evenly. After this, put the top cover back to its place after securing the assemblies. Now, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3

Once you’re done with assembling the printer, place the paper into it. So, bring out the paper tray from the printing machine and then load the paper in it safely. Gently press the green paper guide after that. Now, release the lever and position the paper inside the tray in a proper way.

If you place the paper incorrectly, it can potentially jam the paper tray and stop the entire printing process. Hence, you must refrain from overfilling the tray unnecessarily. Also, choose the recommended type of paper that is compatible with your printer. Since using poor quality papers can badly hamper your printer’s features.

Step 4

Connect the AC power cord of the printer to an electrical source. Go to the control panel of the machine and press the ‘On’ button. Now take a sample test of your printer’s printing abilities. When you press the ‘Go’ button your printer will print a page. So, check and verify the quality of the printing.

Go to the General setup and use the Up and Down keys to select a language for your printer. Click on the OK button to confirm the language you have selected. Now, download the printer driver as it is the brain of the printer. So, you cannot run the printer without installing the driver in it.

Step 5

Here we’ll tell you how to download and install the driver on both Windows and Mac devices.


If you’re a Windows user, then here’s how you can install the printer driver:

  1. Visit the official website of Brother and select the Windows Operating System that you’re using. Ensure that you have logged into your Windows device with the Administrative rights. 
  2. Keep the printer off during the entire process. Now, insert the installation CD-ROM in your device. When the Brother printer screen appears, select the model and the preferred language. Then, click on the ‘Install Printer Driver’ option and choose ‘Yes’. 
  3. Select the ‘Local Connection’ option and click ‘Next’. Now, go through the guidelines on the screen to establish the USB connection. 
  4. Turn on the printer and follow the instruction you see on the LCD screen. Thereby, finish the installation after the download is complete.


To install Brother printer driver on Macintosh devices, follow these steps:

  1. Begin the process by connecting the Mac device and the printer with a USB cable. Also, log into your computer with all the rights of the Admin. Insert the installation CD and click on the Brother icon.
  2. Thereafter, double-click on the ‘Start OCX Here’ option. Now, choose the specific model of your Brother printer. Select the type of connection and then click on ‘Next’.
  3. After this, the installation setup window will begin to appear on your screen. So, mention the model of your Brother printer and tap on ‘Next’. Don’t forget to mention the name of your printer’s model in the ‘Print Using’ menu when it pops up.

Step 6

Now that you’ve successfully installed the printer driver, you have to configure the printer to a network connection. You can add the machine to a wired network or a wireless network as per your choice. However, you can also use USB interface cables while doing the printer setup.

Make sure to collect the SSID or network name and the security key for your network connection. You’ll need this information while setting up your printer on a wireless network. After you set your printer on a stable network connection, it is ready to take your printing commands.  

If you want to use your printer without any errors, first, you must set it up correctly. In case you face any trouble while recognizing any printer component, refer to the user manual or guide. We hope that this detailed Brother HL-3170CDW Quick Setup Guide will be helpful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Connect my Brother HL-3170CDW to a Wireless Network?

Begin by selecting the ‘Network’ option with the help of the arrow keys. Click ‘OK’ and then choose the ‘WLAN’ option. Press OK and use the down arrow key to get to the ‘Setup Wizard’ option. When you tap OK, the printer will start searching for wireless networks. Select your network from the list and provide the SSID and Security Key when asked. Finally, click on OK.

  1. How to Connect Brother Printer to my Computer via USB?

First, make sure your Brother printer switched off. Now, connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port of the Brother printer. Attach the other end of the cord with the USB port of the computer. This way you can connect your device with the Brother printer.