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How To Perform Brother DCP-7065DN Wireless Setup Easily?

Establishing a wireless connection is the first step while activating your Brother DCP-7065DN printer. As the name suggests, wireless printers work with the help of a WiFi-enabled network. Therefore, after purchasing a wireless printer you need to configure the network properly.

Here, we’ll provide you a detailed guide to carry out the Brother DCP-7065dn wireless setup process.

Points to Consider Before Brother DCP-7065DN Wireless Setup

Now, prior to beginning with the setup process, there are certain things that you must take into consideration. Without these, it will not be possible for you to perform the crucial WiFi setup:

  • First, make sure that you’ve configured your router and computer to a network. If not, then you must configure it immediately.
  • Secondly, you must know certain details about your WLAN network settings. Hence, note down the network name or SSID of your router. Also, don’t forget to write down the security key or the encryption key of your network. You’ll find this information at the backside of your router device.

Now that you are aware of the prerequisites before doing the wireless setup, let’s proceed with the printer installation. 

Proceed with Brother DCP-7065DN Wireless Setup

After you obtain the SSID and the security key, you can proceed with the WiFi setup procedure. 

Step 1

Before beginning the actual process, you need to place the printer closer to the router. You must see that no obstruction is there between the two devices. The lesser the obstacle, the better connectivity you can expect. Now, turn on your Brother printer.

After this, turn on your laptop or computer, which you will use for setting up the printer. But, remember to log into your computer with Administrator’s rights. 

Step 2

If you look into the package of your Brother machine, you’ll find a DVD/CD-ROM. Take the CD-ROM and put it inside the disc drive of your computer. In case you don’t get one, you can always download it from Brother’s official website. This DVD/CD-ROM is an important component of the entire setup process.

In the following steps, we’re going to cover the WiFi setup procedure on a Windows-based device. After this, we’ll take up with the setup procedure on Macintosh devices.

Step 3

When you put the CD-ROM inside the drive, an installation window will appear on the screen. Now, choose the model of the Brother machine and select the language of your choice. 

Next, select the ‘Install Printer Driver’ option. Thereafter, the ‘User Account Control’ screen will be displayed on the screen of your computer. As you’ll click on the ‘Allow’ button, you’ll be directed to the ‘License Agreement’ screen. So, click on the ‘Yes’ button confirming that you accept the license and agreements. Now, move on to the following step.

Step 4

Next, locate the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ option and click on it. Click on the ‘Next’ button and go to the ‘ Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer’ option. Select ‘Next’ and you’ll see a ‘Firewall/Antivirus Detected’ window on your device. Here, you need to choose the ‘Change the Firewall settings’ option.

After you perform these steps, go directly to step 5. 

Note: However, if you’re using a Macintosh device you need to follow some different steps. After you have inserted the CD-ROM into the drive, double-click on the Brother icon. Now, double-click on ‘Driver Download’.  Then, find the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ option and click on ‘Next’. 

Step 5

After following up to step 4, a  ‘Device Setup’ screen will come up on your Windows device. Here, you’ll need to select ‘No, I don’t have a USB cable’. Then, tap on the ‘Next’ option.  When the ‘Check and Confirm’ page comes up, click on it. Proceed further by clicking on the ‘Next’ option. 

Once you complete the previous steps, you’ll find your network’s name appearing on the screen. So, select the ‘Yes’ option to confirm your network and then tap on the ‘Next’ button. Thereafter, the ‘Enable Wireless’ window will come up on your screen. Now, go to your Brother printer and you’ll have to enable the wireless network using the Control Panel.

Note: Your Brother printer has a WiFi button as well. If you can’t find it, take help from the user manual or guide of your printing machine. Press this WiFi button and keep holding it for a few seconds. You’ll find the indicator light flashing. So, whenever the light stops flashing and becomes still, the wireless configuration is complete.

Step 6

Hopefully, now you have finally set up your Brother printer on a wireless network. But, your printer may not be ready yet to take your printing commands. So, to make it ready for printing jobs, you need to download and install the driver software. Hence, on your device, click on ‘Connection: OK’. Thereafter, click ‘Next’. 

Now, follow the instructions on your screen and download the printer driver from Brother’s official page. Thus, your printer is now ready to print for you.

To sum up, follow these above-discussed steps to execute the Brother DCP-7065DN wireless setup successfully. We hope that this guide will prove to be helpful while configuring the printer. 

People Also Ask

  1. How do I Reset the Drum on a Brother DCP-7065DN?

  • To reset the drum, press the ‘Options’ or ‘Clear Button’ on the Control Panel. If your Brother machine comes with a numeric pad, press ‘1’. This will successfully reset the drum of your Brother printer. However, if there’s no numeric pad, use the Up key to reset the drum.
  1. Why is my Brother DCP-7065DN not Connecting to WiFi?

  • First, restart your router and the Brother printer. You might also have to restart the computer or laptop. Now, use the printer’s password and WPS key to connect it to the WiFi network.